Update on Wolf Killing in Idaho and Montana Hunts

I’m sorry to report 13 wolves have been killed since the “death season” opened on September 1st. 4 wolves slaughtered in Montana and 9 wolves in Idaho. This is completely senseless and wrong.


It will only get worse as the season advances. Idaho is set to open all wolf hunt areas on Oct 1!! 

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  1. Leave the wolves alone……….stop questioning God’s plan.


    • It is strange why so many ignorant and hating nature people live in Idaho and Montana. They act like Teat Party, invent myths and use them in their ideological campaign. Wolves must bre preserved as an integral part of wild nature.


      • subarkin…Wolf advocates have been drowned out in these states, believe me they do exist but the media and politicians cater to the ranching and hunting lobbies. They want to forget there are other citizens in Montana and Idaho who deserve to be heard.

        The wolf haters are very organized, as soon as they hear or see any positive news about wolves, specifically articles, they’ll flock to these sites and start their hate campaign. It happens every time.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  2. The wolf slaughter is again the act of a group of people to help keep unafraid the the fears and hatred of a few scared folks who associate the wolf with a risk to their lives or livelyhood. No amount of reintroduction programs or education wil ever curb the mission of hate regarding the people who want the wolf out of the forest and dead long term. Only when people truely give back control of this planet to the planet itself, will we begin to see a new balance. As long as man/people believe that they can annilate and murderd anything that doesnt suit them, chaos and bad judgement will rule, both in private and in our government. The wolves fulfill and service nature and this planet when they hunt, man serves only themselves. If the wolf hunters thought of the whole picture, instead of themselves alone, it would be very different. After all it take no real courage to pick up a riffle and shot something dead, however, it takes tons of cunning to learn to live in coopearation with a top predator like the wolf. Just proves, humans aren’t bright enough yet to get it.


  3. I agree 100% with the above reply. It has been human intervention and ignorance that has made the world what it is today, yet we don’t take the responsibility for our actions and instead blame it on something else. I saw a post on Facebook this morning from a bear hunter whose 3 hounds were slaughtered by a wolf pack recently. He wants to kill the wolves stating that this shouldn’t have happened to his beloved dogs. I understand it was a devastating experience, but then again, if you are in known wolf territory hunting for a “trophy” with three domestics, don’t you think you would have taken in the risk factor? A wolf pack’s territory can be hundreds of miles in size, so educating oneself of this would be beneficial. Also, if hunting bears only for trophies is a hobby, don’t you think your priorites are in the wrong place? The Native Americans never hunted purely for sport nor did they waste what they killed. They hunted for survival, we didn’t. We just took from others and continue to do so. It’s shameful, yet we still blame others for our misgivings. What ever happened to insight?


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