Idaho Wolf Hunt….Fifteen Wolves Dead

This is going to be a long winter. Idaho’s wolf hunt has taken the lives of fifteen wolves and it’s only going to get worse once the state opens all areas on Oct. 1 and cold weather sets in. 

Does Idaho or Montana have any  idea what effect the hunts will have on pack cohesiveness  or how many wolf pups will be orphaned or killed or if the hunts will disrupt the dispersal of wolves into Oregon or Washington?  I guess they have other things to worry about.  Like how much money wolf tags generate.


Idaho wolf kill count reaches 15

Story Updated: Sep 29, 2009 at 10:32 AM MDT

By KBCI Web Staff

BOISE – Idaho Fish and Game says a total of 15 wolves have been killed in Idaho since the start of wolf hunting season.
 Idaho Fish and Game says the 15 wolves have been killed in the designated hunting regions in the state – Lolo National Forest, Sawtooths in south central Idaho and the Selway and Middle Fork zones.

 One wolf has been killed illegally, Fish and Game says.

Witnesses told officers an Eagle man shot the wolf while standing in the road at the back of his pickup truck in the Sand Creek area in Valley County. Fish and Game says the man called the 24-hour wolf harvest reporting line and said he killed the wolf in the Sawtooths.

Wolf hunting will expand statewide Oct. 1. Hunters can kill 220 wolves this season.

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  1. Some justify it with protection of livestock, others the herds of ‘game’, others for the sake of the children but have any of these issues been resolved through the use of deadly devices or archaic methods (eagles and dogs)?

    And there are some things in this world money can not cure.


    • Thanks for stopping by!!

      I believe the wolf has the right to live without being “managed”. Ranchers must take more responsibility protecting their investment without using the feds as their personal wolf extermination system. Ranching on public lands causes many of the disputes between wolf and livestock. I think the winds of change are coming. This land is too precious for it to be dominated by a few people.

      In the end the wolves are paying the ultimate price just to live on their home range.


      • Predation can be quelled by using herd guardians, such as maremmas and making routine appearances, alternating times and places of arrival. Two very simple precautions, but they obviously sound like too much work.


      • There are a few ranchers that are taking the precations you mentioned and are able to live side by side with the wolf but the vast majority of ranchers in the Northern Rockies and in the Southwest rely on the government to take care of their “wolf problem”. Wolves are managed specifically for the livestock industry and hunters. Without the livestock conflicts the wolf would not be in the crosshairs. That is the sad reality and until we elect conservationsists to state government to balance the ranching and hunting interests, we will continue to have bad policy concerning the wolf and other apex predators.

        Thanks so much for stopping by!!


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