Wolves Are Excellent Parents!

Have you ever watched wolves interacting with their pups?  Talk about taking a village to rear a child (well pups in this case).  Wolves take raising their young very seriously, we could take lessons from wolves on parenting. 

Certain members of the pack are designated “babysitters” but all members take turns caring for the pups. One of the many tragedies of the wolf hunts will be the loss of pups. Pregnant alphas won’t be off-limits and before the season is over many pups will be orphaned, starving or dead.  A senseless loss!

“A wolf’s territory represents the place where their family lives and where they’re safe. If you’re in your pack’s territory, you have a family to help defend you, to care for you, to share food with you. Wolves are the parents, the mothers, the fathers, the brothers and sisters that we always hoped we could be. I mean there’s extreme loyalty among family members, it’s everything to them. And if they leave that, then they’re exposed to possible attacks by other wolf packs or families. So when you move them somewhere different, they want to go back home”….Ed Bangs, Nova Online, 2000


September 30, 2009

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  1. Thank u 4 sharing:)


    • You are so welcome Ivy. Wolves are the best of parents.



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