26 Wolves Dead in Combined Hunts

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As Idaho opened the wolf hunt to the entire state,  the death toll stands at 19 dead wolves in Idaho and 7 dead wolves in Montana.  Just more sad news to report.


Wolf Hunting Season Expands In Idaho


Coeur d’Alene, ID  October 1, 2009 4:18 p.m.

Idaho’s first ever wolf season has expanded to the entire state.

During the first month, hunters in selected areas killed 16 wolves.

Jon Rachael from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game says that’s fewer than expected. He says most hunters are just getting out into the field and few of them are targeting wolves exclusively.

Plus, he says, the wolves have proved to be pretty smart prey. 

Jon Rachael: “Overall, the feedback I’ve been getting from hunters is that, ‘oh! This isn’t quite as easy as we thought it might be. We know there are wolves out there. We’re seeing a lot of tracks. We’re hearing wolves howl.’ Just haven’t had the opportunity to get one in their sights.”

Rachael expects the wolf kills to go up dramatically when most of the state’s deer seasons open on October 10. 

Idaho will allow hunters to kill as many as 220 wolves this year, but, at this point, Rachael doubts they’ll get that many.


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  1. How hard is it to relocate the pack of wolves? It’s more convenient to kill them then to relocate them. Or come up with another other idea but to kill them. Do you have any clue how many states or habitats would love to have these animals or Indian Reservations which see’s these majestic animals as huge part of there lives. This is rediculious, every time we turn around people are trying to save these wonderful animals. All because no one can use there resources. There’s always a way.


  2. WankaTanka will get those that allow these killings to go on. Karma can be a beyatch, and I know Mother Nature loves her wolves. I have 50 acres up here and would PAY to have a few WOLVES sent up here. You know, it all comes down to the DOLLAR for the unenlightened ones. Karma has no need for dollars, neither does Mother Nature nor WankaTanka. The planted fields will be overrun with mice and rats soon. The silos will be poisoned with the feces and urine of the tiny vermin that the Wolves would have EATEN. The weak and sick deer will drop fetid ticks upon the land. The skunks will spray, the raccoon will ravage the corn, and the porcupine will debark the precious pine trees. But too many do not care. Too many do not see the big picture. Those that DO see the big picture are waiting. The time is coming soon when those who will be taking care of the earth and her children (READ animals) are called to action.


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