Remembering Jewel…Phantom Hill Wolf Pack Female B445…Shot Dead


“Jewel” – Phantom Hill Wolf pack member B445

October 31, 2009

Jewel, a young beta female, of the Phantom Hill Wolf Pack in Idaho, was shot dead in the Eagle Creek drainage, north of Ketchum. She was only two years old but had already made her mark upon the pack. When the alpha female took an extended vacation this year, Jewel assumed “nanny duties”, caring for the pups during the alpha’s absence.

Jewel died for nothing yesterday. Here is her story from Western Watersheds Project website

Courtesy to Lynne Stone for photos and content. ====

Lynne Stone documents her encounter with Jewel:

Over a week ago I was hiking north of Ketchum, when a young Phantom Hill Pack wolf trotted into view. From her appearance I knew she was B445, the most recently collared Phantom wolf. When my dog, Bo, noticed the wolf, he bounded after her, but when I called Bo back, the wolf stopped and turned around and continued to watch us with curiosity.

I had observed from afar, a few weeks before, when B445 was caught by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and collared. I watched through a spotting scope, as she woke up from being drugged, and staggered toward the rest of her pack.

jewel 1

Jewel (B445) © Lynne Stone 2007

B445 is often the Nannie wolf to her younger brothers and sisters that make up this year’s pups, stepping into the role after Judith, B326 went on her adventure this year. At least three pups have been seen. There are probably more. I heard them howling recently at night and it sounded like three to four pups howling in response to the rest of the pack.

B445 was still shedding out her thick winter coat of fur when I saw her close-up. Now that weeks of rain (unusual for central Idaho!) has stopped, the weather is finally warm, and B445’s fur will soon be sleek.

During my recent eye-to-eye encounter with B445, I was never for a moment afraid. What I observed, was that B445 was very curious of us (my dog and self), as we were intruders into her pack’s territory. I thought of B445’s older sister, B326 – Judith, and how that this younger wolf, was certainly a jewel. Her beautiful silky movements, her intelligent, inquiring amber eyes — well, the name Jewel seemed to fit her.

(All Idaho wolves when caught and radio-collared are given a number with the letter B preceding it.)

jewel 3

Photos and account © Lynne Stone 2009

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  1. Have any more phantoms been killed>>?
    Hoping to make wildlife services job easier to wipe out the rest of the “problem” black wolves!!!
    going out to smoke one next weekend….
    and maybe enter the sfw contest!!!!
    Wish me luck


    • Nice Blake…..making those kind of statements just shows people where your heart and mind is at. Tell me Blake…does it make you feel good to target a specific pack of wolves? Please explain to me why you hate an animal that is only doing what nature intended it to do? Enlighten me? Why would you even consider entering the Predator Derby? I’m sure we’re all waiting for your answers!!

      Even though you’re being mean spirited, I’m going to wish you a nice holiday, because my heart is not cold on this day of Thanks!

      For the wild ones,


      • Blake is probably just saying it to rile and upset others. There sure are some sad people out there.


      • John….I actually posted this because I received a similar comment from him with the same tired rant. I thought I’d let it through this time to show how some people act concerning wolves. Sad. It’s just an ego trip.


      • No arguments here.


      • That was to Nabeki’s On November 27, 2009 at 2:37 am comment.


      • I won’t name names but here’s a sampling of some of the stuff that comes through every once in awhile.
        Kill one. Maybe You’ll understand…= ^)~
        Its fun!
        I Hope the phantoms are smoked. Way to much lynne drama in ketchum. Lynne you are an extremist and hurting your cause.
        Only 140 left to go…shoot straight hunters…And Wildlife service…get ready…your on deck…get out there and waste 500 or so….gonna be a lot of young “problem” wolves…YEEEEHAAAAAW
        500 wolves is not enough….Hopefully twice that many “problem” mutts will be smoked!!!
        KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I will be the the one with the most dead dogs win


    • Dear Blake S, If that’s your real name. You are such a mans man. I find you comments and attitude ,disturbing, hateful and disgusting. Obviously you have been blessed with an extremely limited education. I can forgive you for that. However for you to perpetuate hate because of your ignorance is another matter.


  2. Blake- it is unfortunate that you take out your frustration on the wolves just because you are a pathetic, insecure loser. You might be able to get some help, but then again maybe not. Go talk to someone.


  3. Blake,You have a huge ego and I do mean huge.You are like the bully at the back of the line,intimidating everyone with your smack in order for the rest of us to move aside.I am not moving anymore. I am not going to say anything to make your ego ballon up any further.This is Thanksgiving and I am thankful for alot of things and thankful for the ones on this site who fight for the wolves and all predetors.


  4. I don’t see any comments since last November. So I just wanted to demonstrate and remind people that there still are people out there across the country and the world that disagree with these sick, insecure, embittered excuses for humans that vent their life frustrations by demonizing what used to be an apex hunter, and blowing them away with their penile extensions. It seems it’s the only way that they can feel better about themselves. Improving your self-esteem at the expense of others, it’s an age-old affliction.


  5. Nabeki, sorry that you have to continuely filter these sick cavemen out of the positive discussions on this site regarding wolves’s right to exist.

    Pretty sure from the comments above, this type of human being wouldn’t have a problem flushing a kitten down a toilet, chaining their dog out in the backyard and every once in awhile, remembering it was there or working shifts at a slaughterhouse.

    The ability to think beyond macho, is painfully obvious.


    • Hi Nancy,
      It does get a little tiring but amazing how similar they all are. The wolves are evil, they need to be controlled, they’re killing all the elk, they’re killing all the livestock and assorted insults and swearing at wolf advocates. That’s’ about it. Not very original. Some of the hunters have been reasonably polite and sincere so I approved a few. I don’t think the people that write nasty comments are all hunters, some are just yahoo’s that probably have never even been in the woods.



  6. Thank you Lynn Stone love your story and journey, peace be with Jewel. Do hi yi


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