Wolves On Welfare…….

George Wuerthner, blogging on NewWest.net, wrote a satirical piece aimed at ranchers grazing their livestock on our public lands. He’s right on target.

Stop Welfare for Wolves

By George Wuerthner , 10-06-09

I recently spent some time roaming around Beaverhead County south of Butte. Everywhere I went on public lands I saw cattle wandering loose without any human supervision. These cows are nothing more than four-legged picnic baskets to predators like wolves.


While I appreciate the generosity of local ranchers in their efforts to maintain fat and healthy wolf packs, I cannot condone such practices. It leads, after all, to lazy wolves. Why would a wolf spend its energy trying to pull down a sleek, fast elk, when it can far more easily secure a nice slow, fat, cow?

I am against all welfare. Look what it has done to people. We all know that welfare just promotes a lifestyle that leads to moral decay of people. People on welfare just sit around watching TV and eating lousy food, and making babies. We don’t need couch-potato wolf packs.

Plus just like all the junk food snacks eaten by welfare moms and their kids, eating fatty- artery clogging, hormone- doped up cattle is not really a healthy diet for wolves either. I am concerned that our wolves are not getting a balanced and healthy diet when they spend their time munching on cows.

It’s just irresponsible and reprehensible for ranchers to be leaving their cattle all over the land so they are easily caught by wild predators. Keep in mind that what made America great is its work ethic. Welfare for Wolves is not the answer. It’s time to remove all these four -legged picnic baskets from the public lands and make wolves earn a real living. Just as in national parks if you leave a picnic basket out for a bear to grab, you will get a fine. We should be doing the same to ranchers who are promoting unnatural food addictions through their husbandry practices.

By George Wuerthner , 10-06-09


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  1. yes! Right on the bulls-eye.Can’t imagine what the landscape looks like either.


    • Livestock are the biggest obstacle to wolf recovery. Ranchers should be compelled to protect their investments instead of using the feds or states to kill wolves for them. This relationship has been going on for so long ranchers have no incentive to change. Some ranchers are trying to do the right thing but overall it’s a huge problem.


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