Wolf Quota In Montana Unit 3 Stays At 12, Area 316 Will Remain Closed


Good news and bad news came out of the FWP meeting on wolf quotas.  The bad news is they are re-opening Unit 3 on October 25,  so the remaining 3 wolves can be killed in that area.  The good news is they are not re-opening area 316, which runs along the northern border of Yellowstone.  It includes parts of  Park, Sweet Grass, Stillwater and Carbon counties.  This is where the nine wolves were already shot and killed.  So I guess it’s a victory of sorts.  But then the Cottonwood Pack is already dead, so nothing is going to bring them back.

They also did not increase the quotas in Unit 3, which would have meant lowering the quotas in the other two Units.  There was no mention of buffer zones to protect Glacier wolves, so they are on their own.  Glacier Park resides in Unit 1, which includes the entire northern portion of the state.

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FWP leaves wolf quota at 12

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 4:21 PM MDT


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ATTENTION: Info For 3pm FWP Conference Call On Wolf Quotas Being Held TODAY

phone call

1-888-224-5889  3pm FWP Conference Call on Wolf Quotas

Here is the info on the conference call today at 3pm being held by FWP on wolf quotas.  Please try to call in and make your voice heard.   The  Media, FWP Five Commissioners and FWP Seven Regional Supervisors are invited but there are twenty lines so there’s a chance the public could get through.  Try calling carly.  The main topic of conversation is whether to increase the wolf quotas in WMU-3,  which would mean they would have to lower the quotas in one of the other two districts or both because they cannot exceed the 75 wolf quota.

Wolf advocates should lobby for buffer zones around Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park.  We may not be able to stop the hunts but we can try to protect the wolves in the Parks.  This is the number one issue due to the recent killings of the Yellowstone Cottonwood Pack,  outside the park.  Wolves can’t read signs and routinely move back and forth across park boundaries. 

You can listen online as well. Go to fwp.mt.gov…then on left side of screen click on FWP Commission….right side of screen click on Meetings,….click on Audio Coverage……it brings up Live Commission Meetings, click on the microphone.  http://fwp.mt.gov/doingBusiness/insideFWP/commission/audio.html

You can also go to the regional offices and listen.  They are located at:

 Region 1

Jim Williams Wildlife Manager

Jim Satterfield Regional Supervisor

490 North Meridian Rd.

Kalispell, Mt.


Region 2
Mike Thompson Wildlife Manager

Mack Long Regional Supervisor

3201 Spurgin Rd

Missoula, Mt


Region 3
Kurt Alt Wildlife Manager

Pat Flowers Regional  Supervisor

1400 South 19th Ave

Bozeman, Mt


Region 4
Graham Taylor Wildlife Manager

Gary Bertellotti Regional Supervisor

4600 Giant Springs Road

Great Falls, Mt.


Region 5

Ray Mule Wildlife Manager

Gary Hammond  Regional Supervisor

2300 Lake Elmoy Drive

Billings, Mt.


Region 6

Carol Wentland Wildlife Manager

Pat Gunderson Regional Supervisor

54078 Hwy 2 West

Glascow, Mt.


Region 7
John Ensign Wildlife Manager

Brad Schmitz Regional Supervisor

352 I94 Business Loop

Mile City, Mt.


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