Idaho Nearing Closure of Three Wolf Hunting Zones

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It seems the wolf killing is going so well in Idaho three zones are close to reaching their quota and will be closed soon.
Palouse-Hells Canyon…Wolves Killed 2 …Quota 5
Upper Snake…Wolves Killed 3…Quota 5
McCall-Weiser …Wolves Killed 13…Quota 15
I guess it’s semi good news for the wolves in those zones but I take no pleaure in reporting any of this.

 Idaho F&G prepares to shutter wolf hunt in 3 zones

 AP, October 20, 2009 1:48 p.m. PT,

BOISE, Idaho — Wolf hunters in some parts of Idaho are nearing their quotas, prompting state wildlife managers to prepare to shutter the season there once the legal harvest limit has been reached.

Department of Fish and Game officials are allowing for a total of 220 wolves to be killed across the state, but the kills are divided up into 12 hunting zones.

In three of the zones – the Upper Snake zone, the Palouse-Hells Canyon zone and the McCall-Weiser zone – kills are approaching the state’s limits.

In the Upper Snake zone, for instance, three of the five-wolf quota have been bagged. In the Palouse-Hells Canyon zone, the limit is five wolves and hunters have taken two.

And in the McCall-Weiser zone, 12 of the allowed 15 wolves have been shot, including one illegally.

Montana, which also has a wolf hunt, has already closed gray wolf hunting near Yellowstone National Park after nine of the predators were killed there, though the state is sticking with its 75-wolf season quota.


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  1. Now I worry that they may increase the numbers in other areas in order to get their quotas.Even worse, to send out the wild life services.


    • Hi Rita,
      I just had to change the number of wolves killed in the McCall-Weiser zone from 12 to 13. The total stands at 72 and I’m sure it was at 69 last night before I went to bed, so three wolves were shot last night, unless there is a lag time in reporting….it’s all so sad. To see years of recovery that was put into this and now Idaho is killing off over one fourth of their wolves, which the wolves aren’t going to be able to replace. Judge Molloy needs to rule on this soon and get them back on the list.

      As for Idaho raising their quotas, I don’t think they will. It looks bad enough as it is but they could manipulate them if it looks like one zone may not fulfill the quota. But Wildlife Services can be given the order to kiill wolves at any time for livestock predation, so that’s always a threat.

      The wolves are suffering and my heart goes out to them!


  2. My heart goes out for the wolves,also.It’s gong to be a long heartbreaking season. I guess I shouldn,t have been surprised to see in the associated press that Montana’s wolf hunts resumes on Sunday.


    • It’s a bad situation all the way around for wolves. Fall is the hardest time to be a wolf anyway because elk are fat and fast, making them difficult to bring down. So on top of trying to hunt and feed themselves, they have hunters chasing them around. I don’t understand the mindset of killing wolves for pleasuire?


  3. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post “No teme” in your blog with the link to you?


    • Yes, you can quote a post in my blog and link back to me. I made a visit to your blog too (-:

      For the wild ones,


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