Update On Wolf Hunts….October 26, 2009


Here’s the latest on the wolf hunts and controversy.  Defenders of Wildlife has a petition going to send to Ken Salazar asking him to reconsider his decision to delist the animals.  Their goal is 100,000 signatures, they’ve already reached 90,406.  Wolf advocates, it’s a good idea to sign it no matter how small the chance he will reconsider.


Friends of Animals also has a petition, with a goal of 1000 signatures, they have 574 signatures so far.  They’re asking people to write to the Gov. of Montana and Idaho, stating they will boycott both states and anything they sell until the wolf killing stops.


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The Wolf Hunts By the Numbers

The spuds boycott has been a dud. Pro-wolf petitions are rolling. Hunters are having a blast.

By Amy Linn, 10-26-09


As Montana’s wolf hunt wags on, and so does the one in neighboring Idaho, it’s interesting to note what’s come to pass—and what hasn’t. Here are a few factoids to chew on:

–More than 70 wolves have been killed in Idaho, where hunters are allowed to bag 220 wolves total.

 –Twenty three wolves have been shot during Montana’s wolf hunting season, 11 of them this past weekend alone, according to the Great Falls Tribune. The state quota is 75.

 –Wolf hunting has already been shut down in the southern section of the Montana outside Yellowstone National Park, because the 12-wolf quota there has been met.

 –Before the start of the hunts this fall, wildlife officials in both Montana and Idaho predicted that shooting a wolf or even seeing one would be tough. Some chin scratching has now ensued.

Defenders of Wildlife has launched an online petition urging Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to undo his action this spring, when he took wolves in the Rockies off the Endangered Species list and stripped them of federal protections. The group hopes to get 100,000 signatures. It has 90,347 so far.

Friends of Animals has a similar petition drive. The group is asking wolf fans to send letters to Idaho Gov. C.L. Otter and Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer and is urging them to boycott the two states and everything they produce, from Idaho spuds to huckleberry syrup. FOA aims to hunt down 1,000 signatures for its petition. It has just 574 so far.

 –The wolf hunt in Montana has raised some $245,000 for the state in license fees alone, according to the 

to the Helena Independent Record. It will continue to raise hackles, as well.


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