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NRDC wants to run a full page forceful ad in the New York Times, to warn people of the killing of wolves in Montana and Idaho. 

If this slaughter continues into next year, fully 500 wolves could lose their lives.  Is this “wolf management based on science”or catering to ranchers and elk hunters?

This compelling message will surely put pressure on Ken Salazar and the Obama administration to reverse their misguided decision to delist gray wolves in the Northern Rockies!!


Matt Skoglund’s Blog

2009: The Year in Wolves

The War On Wolves Escalates…Click Here:


Defenders of Wildlife 

Please support Defenders and help with this campaign.  This is directly from their website:

“Help Us Reach Millions and Save Wolves

Wolf recovery is at a crossroads in the Greater Yellowstone and northern Rockies region. More than 60 80 wolves have already been killed so far in the area — including Yellowstone’s popular Cottonwood Pack whose only apparent survivors were a few pups, that are expected to die without their family.

Hundreds more wolves will be targeted in the coming weeks and months, threatening the very recovery of these amazing animals.

We’re embarking on one of our most ambitious public education efforts yet: an ad in Times Square — the very heart of New York City — to reach millions more Americans through the Thanksgiving Holiday December 15th!”

defenders wolf ad

 Photo: Courtesy Defenders of Wildlife

Wolves have no voice, we have to speak for them.  Should a few groups dominate wolf policy in the West?  Let’s Howl For Justice for the gray wolf!!!

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Key Alpha Wolves Killed In Montana

I discussed this issue in earlier posts concerning the deaths of Yellowstone’s famous Cottonwood  Alpha female, wolf 527 , her mate the Alpha  male and her daughter, who were killed early in Montana’s hunts outside Yellowstone.  The loss of alpha’s is always a negative for the pack but these particular wolves were part of ongoing research. 


Bad News on the Wolf Front – Key Alpha Wolves Killed in Montana

by Jaymi Heimbuch, San Francisco, California  10.27.09

Photo via Todd Ryburn

Three alpha wolves vital to a study tracking their pack’s patterns were killed earlier this month by hunters in Montana. The study effectively ended, but the controversy around the wolf hunts, which were allowed to start again this year, is sparked up.

Yale 360 reports, “Among those killed was an alpha female, known as wolf 527, who was born into Yellowstone’s Druid Peak pack, featured in a PBS documentary entitled “In the Valley of the Wolves.” Before she, her mate — the pack’s alpha male — and her daughter were shot this month, wolf 527 was wearing a radio collar that enabled researchers to track and study her and her pack.”

The Los Angeles Times has an excellent article that gives a short tribute to 527 along with outlining the controversy behind the wolf hunts. According to the LA Times, “‘Whether the pack exists anymore or not, to us the pack is gone,” said Doug Smith, the biologist in charge of the Yellowstone reintroduction program that helped bring wolves back from the brink of extinction in the Northern Rockies. Cottonwood “was a key pack on the northern range,” he said, giving researchers a window into the existence of animals that had little or no interaction with humans.”

State wildlife officials were surprised at how easily the wolves were being killed, and so called off the special back-country hunt along a section of Yellowstone’s northern boundary for the rest of the year, even though the hunting of wolves is still going on elsewhere in Montana and Idaho.

Montana’s wolf program coordinator, Carolyn Sime points out that should the wolf hunt end and the wolves be put back on the endangered species list, that pressing people’s willingness to live with the animals would be futile and locals would take matters into their own hands. Others say that big game hunters do appreciate the wolves’ presence in the ecosystem, it just takes understanding that their population is fragile to help find balance.

Either way, the wolves are again in danger of being hunted right back on to the endangered species list, and possibly to extinction. And having key alpha wolves cut from the gene pool – let alone a scientific study – is a terrible tragedy.

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