Idaho….Another Phantom Wolf Likely Killed

Sad to say Idaho Fish and Game believes a black male wolf killed near Gallena Summit, on Oct 20, was likely from the Phantom Hill Wolf Pack.  He would be the second member of the pack of all black wolves, lost to a hunter’s bullet.  The first member of the Phantom Hill Pack to be killed was Jewel, a young beta female.

81 wolves are now dead in Idaho.  I’m so outraged by this hunt, it’s totally senseless killing. 

howling for justice

Remembering Jewel…Phantom Hill Wolf Pack Female B445…Shot Dead

jewel 3

photo: courtesy Lynne Stone


Wolf killed likely a Phantom Hill member

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  1. This killing must stop. It is murder plain and simple. There is no reason for any of this senseless bloodshed. It is simply condoning blood sport and killing for fun. To allow organized hunts only encourages more rage against wolves and accomplishes nothing. When will we stop catering to ranchers and hunters?

    Humans think they can defy the natural order and they are wrong!




      • Hi Waya,
        It’s shocking what is happening to wolves but what people don’t realize is that wolves are killed every year by Wildlife Services for agribusiness. They are gunned down from the air with twelve gauge shotguns by Wildife Service agents. Hundreds of gray wolves die every year at the hands of these people.. Now they are being hunted on two fronts. It’s just sickening.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  2. Nabeki,maybe you can help me understand.Hasn’t there been more wolves shot and killed with collars on? Weren’t the collars meant for research purposes?Maybe it’s just me,but does Caroline Sime and Ed Bangs ,the wolf experts,know what they are doing?In my house when things are not going as planned,we stop until we can find another.I’m with JG.It most stop.


    • Hi Rita,
      I’m not at all happy with Simes and Bangs “management” of wolves. IMO “managment” is a euhpemism for killing. There is no reason for this hunt except to appease ranchers and hunters. The fact Montana is not going to adjust the 75 wolf quota after three wolves were poached in the North Fork, speaks volumes.

      The collared wolves in Yellowstone were part of an ongoing research project. The alpha female, wolf 527F, of the fallen Cottonpack Pack, was collared for five years. She was an important wolf because they were studiying her entire life. Before the hunts started, Yellowstone wolves were unique because they could live their entire lives unmolested by humans. Now that research has been cut short because some hunter shot her dead.

      I’m looking to Judge Molloy to rule on this case and I hope soon. I can’t even imagine this wolf hunt going on for another year.. If they have another hunt with the same quotas. over 500 wolves could be dead by the end of next year. This in NOT why wolves were reintroduced!!


  3. Wouldn’t it we quite a twist if an alien civilization with genetic simularities to wolves came to earth and wiped humans off the face of this planet?
    If only Karma worked that way
    as for this not being science based whell yah of course!
    these people are rather stupid to be perfectly hounest.
    but on the bright side speciesists,outfitters and other murderers and such are gradually themselves going extinct. the only question is, will they take the wolf down with them?


    • Hi Hyou,
      If people in “wolf managment” were reading the cutting edge science on predators and specifically the wolf….like Oregon State U. Cristina Einsenburg’s wolf research on “trophic cascades” or Yellowstone wolf researcher Daniel MacNulty’s groundbraking work on wolves and aging, we wouldn’t be having wolf hunts in the first place. But IMO it’s not about “the science” but placating a few interest groups that have enormous influence over state policy. I hope there is a changing of the guard soon, the wolves can’t take much more “managing”…


  4. I am sickened by the deaths of these gentle creatures. i despise anyone who enjoys hunting. TAKE THAT YOU COLDBLOODED MURDERS!!!!!!!!


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