A Quiet Meditation For Wolf Revealed

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My friend, Cindy Campbell,  shared her meditation with wolf and has given me permission to share it with my readers.  During the past weeks of chaos we all need to remember to slow down and reflect on life.  Her experience may bring us a little peace and enlightenment.  HOWLS!!


For My Fellow Wolf Admirers,

  The Wolf Meditation which took place during the twilight hour on November 15 was an enlightening and rewarding experience.  The sky was crystal clear, the stars shown brightly and the air was crisp, measuring only 5 degrees. I had a small campfire which kept me perfectly warm (along with down blankets and a few layers of clothing!).  For the first 10 minutes I took in my surroundings. The sky, the fire, the crystal reflections of the frost on the trees and bushes.  I immediately knew I was transforming into a different space and it felt very comfortable and inviting.  I have always believed the time between dark and light was magical, we just don’t make an effort to go there very often.  The silence was consuming as well.  I did wonder about night visitors and what they might be thinking ie: Great Grey, Raccoon and Coyote.  Then I remembered, they already knew exactly what I were doing and why!
The meditation itself started at 5:30 am and lasted until 6:15 am when I opened my eyes. (After I went back inside around 6:30 I immediately wrote out the message I received during the meditation). At this point the dawn was just starting to peek over the mountains in front of me.  The silhouette, of the tall wise pine trees at the top of the hill, was taking shape.  I stoked the fire, although I must say I stayed very warm and toasty throughout.  What I did next was very powerful.  I slowly dripped the Snake River water onto the fire and imaged lifting and cleansing the spirit of one wolf, then another, then another.  I brought the wolves that we all know and have come to love, I brought wolves killed which we knew nothing about, and I brought wolves who will need cleansing over the next 3 or 4 months.  All the wolves felt healthy, strong, beautiful and forever.  I then asked for forgiveness from the original Wolf Clan for the ruthless way we ended their lives. I promised our support to keep fighting to make sure things become fair and balanced between us and our Brother Wolf. I admitted many of us understand this is not currently the case. As the droplets of the cold clean water hit the fire, it sizzled loudly and put out a small puff of smoke.  It was in that moment I felt a loving presence all around me. I knew I wasn’t alone.
By now the day sky was taking over the night sky and it was time to go back into the warmth of my home and write out the important message I received.  Following is that message.An Alpha female wolf will be born, she will endure a very rough start into this world.  She’ll grow into a beautiful wolf with very distinct markings.  She will be a gray wolf with predominately white feet and tail.   She will have a darker face with a visible black marking on her forehead.  Her Alpha male will be black and he’ll be the larger of the two.  They will live where wolves are hunted on a regular basis.  One of their litters, the second they have, will consist of thirteen pups! Four will die, nine will live through the first months, seven will live to adulthood, and two will have life changing experiences which will turn upside down the entire concept of how humans and wolves walk side by side from here on out.  It will be a revolutionary change. This litter will be the tell all of our progress in helping wolf survive in these small pockets of wilderness.  This family will become known in 4-1/2 – 5 years (2013-14).  The Alpha female will carry the genes of the Cottonwood Alpha female killed during this years hunt. She will teach the 2 special pups from her second litter something new, different and powerful.  It will take the original Wolf Clan that many generations to get the information correct so that it can be safely and effectively passed down.  I got the impression these game changing wolves will be a sister and brother team.

At this point I waited intently for more information but quickly realized the message was complete, for now.  I clearly knew I was alone again.

As I have learned through my work as a animal communicator, it could be tempting for me to start interpreting the message, but I will not. I merely hold the position of messenger. The wolves will fill in the rest as they see fit.  Our job now is to stay attentive and to always be listening.

Thank you to everyone who took a few minutes, sometime during that day to tap into the well-being of our fellow living being – Brother Wolf.

With Love, Illuminating Light and Wolf Howls All Around,

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
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Idaho Basin Butte Wolves Gunned Down

Basin Butte wolves, Stanley, Idaho were gunned down by Wildlife Services. Who is Wildlife Services?…click here.

I am appalled and saddened by this action.  Why would Idaho state game managers order this killing when the wolf hunting season is in full swing?  Is this another method of reaching the wolf quota?  How much more wolf death is there going to be? When will the national press pick up this story?

From Ralph Maughan:

“You might want to call Jim Lukens, the Salmon area regional supervisor and ask him. (208) 756-2271. Approval of Wildlife Services wolf kills has been parceled out to the regional supervisors, like Mark Gamlin (who seems to have few to no wolves in his district).”


Please use these contacts to express your outrage over this action:

Developing Story………….

Photo:  James Balog


Aerial-gunning foes ask Obama to ban practice

By JOHN MILLER (AP) – 12 hours ago

“USDA Wildlife Services officials didn’t immediately respond to e-mail and telephone requests for comment. The division, with a budget of about $120 million, reported killing some 4.9 million animals in 2008 in efforts to control predators and invasive species.a”



Group Calls for End to the War on Wildlife 

WildEarth Guardians Seeks End of Aerial Gunning & Poisoning of Wildlife on Public Lands

Author: WildEarth Guardians
Contact: WildEarth Guardians (505) 988-9126

Read the petition (PDF)

See WildEarth Guardians’ report

See See Wildlife Services’ Exterminates 125% More Animals in 2008

Learn about the Wildlife Services’ Whistleblower Aerial-Gunning Complaint

View Aerial Gunning Accidents Records by USDA, States, and Individuals

See Wildlife Services Expenditures and History (PDF)

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December 25, 2009

NIKON has dropped out of the SFW-Idaho Derby sponsorship


But they’re still the sponsor of:

Predator Masters

Hunting the Hunters


NIKON sells Coyote Scopes:


I would continue to call and write NIKON asking them why they support the killing of our predators?  The fact they actually make coyote rifle scopes pretty much answers that question.

Nikon Inc.
1300 Walt Whitman Road
Melville, NY 11747-3064, U.S.A.

Corporate Inquiries:

Nikon’s corporate media relations person: (thanks Rich!)
Tara Naughton


CABELA’S unfortunately has decided to continue to sponsor this “Derby”.  Contact them!

Also don’t forget to write to Idaho’s commissioners about extending the wolf hunt until March 31. Please write or call and express your opposition to this.

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Imnaha Wolf Pack….Eastern Oregon!!

Here is positive wolf news in an otherwise grim season. I wanted to post this video last week but was sidetracked by Idaho extending the wolf hunt and the predator derby.

ODFW caught the ten member Imnaha Wolf pack walking single file through the eastern Oregon woods with at least six pups!! Leading the pack is alpha female B-300.

(“This video taken by ODFW on Nov. 12, 2009in the Imnaha Wildlife Management Unit (east of Joseph, Ore. in Wallowa County) shows at least 10 wolves make up a pack that ODFW has been monitoring since June 2008. The video was taken from an adjacent ridge across a canyon and shows a mixture of gray and black individual wolves moving upslope.”)

Eastern Oregon wolves again star in video, this time with youngsters

By Abby Haight, The Oregonian

November 19, 2009, 6:00PM



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December 21, 2009




SFW-Idaho is planning their fifth annual predator derby.  The derby is a contest that assigns two points each to coyotes, bobcats and foxes, 3 points to wolves (sadly wolves have been added this year.)  The team that collects the most points by hunting and killing those specific animals, wins.  There are prizes awarded to the winning team and proceeds from the hunt are donated to the wolf litigation fund.

I thought hunters were responsible stewards of the land? How then can a group of hunters go out into the woods, with the sole purpose of competing to see who kills more animals than the other and then get prizes for it? How can this be considered responsible hunting stewardship?

I hope hunters and everyone that finds this practice unsavory and disgusting will speak out about it.  I have friends that are hunters and have never heard of any of them participating in an event such as this.  All the sponsors of this event are listed here.

The next derby is scheduled for January 8th-9th, Twin Falls, Idaho

If you want to voice your concern please use the contacts list posted on the Idaho wolf  hunt extension alert or contact the sponsors directly.


NIKON has dropped out of the SFW-Idaho Derby sponsorship


BUT They Still Sponsor:

Predator Masters….Hunting the Hunters


NIKON Sells Coyote Scopes:


They are listed on the sponsor page:


Nikon Inc.

Nikon Inc.
1300 Walt Whitman Road
Melville, NY 11747-3064, U.S.A.

Corporate Inquiries:

 Nikon’s corporate media relations person: (thanks Rich!)
Tara Naughton



Cabela’s has decided to continue sponsoring this “derby”

Contact them


308-254-5505  corporate headquarters


Sportsman’s Warehouse 

Contact them


Grubbin’ BBQ

Sean Cluff Owner

Contact Click Here


ACTION ALERT 2:    From www.ProjectCoyote.org


From projectcoyote.com

Governor Baldacci publicly announced that they are calling for an end to this hunt in response to our efforts and called the killing tournaments “inhumane.”

Wildlife Coalition Condemns Coyote Killing Tournament
as Ethically and Ecologically Indefensible:

Killing tournaments, disguised as either recreation or wildlife management, are a very poor commentary on those who partake in them,” said Daryl DeJoy, executive director of the Wildlife Alliance of Maine. “We would like to see Governor Baldacci to emulate the late, great Governor Percival Baxter who felt that Maine’s wildlife’s should not be wantonly destroyed for recreation or entertainment.”

“These events exhibit a blatant disregard for wildlife and the integrity of ecosystems by encouraging mass killing for prizes,” said Andrew Page, senior director of the Wildlife Abuse Campaign at The Humane Society of the United States. “Killing coyotes will do nothing to increase the white-tailed deer density or decrease coyote numbers — it will only advance an archaic idea that the value of animals is their dead weight.“

Derby’s or contests held solely to kill as many predators as possible in a certain time period, IMO,  is wrong and disgusting.  This gives hunting a bad name. 


Right now in Northern Maine (Jackman), predator hunters are killing coyotes as part of a contest “tournament.” Sponsored by the Jackman-Moose River Region Chamber of Commerce, the “kill” runs from December 16th through January 30, 2010. Prizes are awarded for those hunters who kill both the most coyotes and the largest individuals. Ethics aside, random coyote killing will do nothing to protect Maine’s deer herds, as tournament sponsors contend. A copious and growing body of literature shows that coyote population reduction efforts through lethal control are futile, given the species’ resiliency and ability to biologically rebound.

A peculiar virtue in wildlife ethics is that the hunter [or Wildlife Manager] ordinarily has no gallery to applaud or disapprove of his conduct. Whatever his acts, they are dictated by his own conscience, rather than a mob of onlookers. It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of this fact.”   Aldo Leopold

Photo: Courtesy Nature

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Howling for Justice strongly denounces the action taken by the Idaho Fish and Game commissioners to extend the wolf hunt through March 31, 2010.

Wolves being chased through deep winter snow with no cover, already stressed, is cruel. 

The extension will take the hunt through breeding and denning season, when wolves will return to their den sites, which are well known to hunters.  Wolves mate between late January and the end of March.  Gestation is approx. 62 days. So do the math….females will be pregnant during the hunt, that is if they have time to stand still long enough to be bred, when they’re running for their lives. Pregnant alphas might be killed, destroying a pack leader and her unborn pups, with possible dissolution of the pack.  Females that breed in late January could be whelping near the end of the hunts although most wolves in the Northern Rockies breed in mid February. 

Wolves could be returning to their den sites by the middle of March.  Their is evidence that wolves may tolerate human activity near their dens, which makes them doubly vulnerable. What science backs hunting pregnant or denning wolves? Are they trying to wipe out 2010’s wolf pups? 

Two zones, Lolo and Sawtooth, already extended through March 31st, 2010.  Extending the entire state wolf hunt to the end of March, absent the three previously closed zones, leaves wolves with no respite from hunters guns, A SEVEN MONTH LONG SEASON.  IDFG should have kept the deadline of December 31, 2009 in place. 


Write or call Idaho Governor Butch Otter:



Write the Idaho tourism office:



Write the Potato Commission:



Write or call Idaho Fish and Game:

Headquarters Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 25
Boise, ID 83707

Headquarters Street / Walk-in Address:

600 S. Walnut
Boise, ID 83712

Telephone: (208) 334-3700
Fax: (208) 334-2148 / (208) 334-2114


Write or call the Idaho Fish and Game Commissioners:



Write to Idaho Newspapers:

Post-Register, Idaho Falls           


Letters over the 300 word limit will be subject to editing. 
Send letters by e-mail to taulcore@postregister.com
(Note: This is the abbreviated name of the person who handles letters)

Idaho State Journal – Pocatello and SE Idaho        

305 S. Arthur, Pocatello ID  83204

Press Release E-mail: pressrelease@journalnet.com
Letters to the Editor E-mail: letters@journalnet.com 

The Times-News       


Box 548, Twin Falls ID  83303

Phone: 733-0931
Limit letters to 400 words. Longer letters will be shortened. The Times-News reserves the right to edit all letters. 

E-mail  letters@magicvalley.com

READER’s CORNER – 600 words – has to be approved by editorial dept. * Each letter should include the writer’s signature, mailing address and telephone number. Typewritten letters are preferred, because they allow faster handling with less chance of error.
Idaho Statesman

1200 N. Curtis Road Boise, Idaho 83706

MAILING: Rocky Barker, Environment; Pete Zimowski (?) outdoor editor P.O. Box 40 Boise, ID 83707

News (main office)  (208) 377-6449 FAX 208/377-6449


Please express your strong oppositon to the wolf season extension but I urge you to be civil. 

Thank you.  Howl for making a difference for wolves!!

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Idaho F&G Votes To Extend Wolf Hunts Thru March 31, 2010

Idaho Fish and Game just showed their true colors by extending all wolf kill zones through March 31. Now wolves will be chased all winter with snowmobiles, through deep snow with no cover, stressing them out to the max.  This is just unbelievable?  What other hunted animal have they extended a season for in this way?

Apparently the closed zones will not be reopened but the rest of the state will remain open for a SEVEN MONTH LONG WOLF HUNTING SEASON!!  Shame, Idaho.  The world is watching and I hope Judge Molloy is as well!!

I guess they didn’t heed this advice:

Don’t fuel the fire: End wolf hunting season Dec. 31


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SFW-Idaho Predator Derby

September 19, 2009

Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife-Idaho are holding their Fifth Annual Predator Derby. What is this you ask?  The purpose of the derby is to see which team of hunters can kill the most coyotes, bobcats, foxes and wolves in a certain time period. The rules: Each animal is worth points: bobcats and foxes are two points, coyotes two points and wolves three points. The team with the most points wins.  If there is a tie the heaviest weights determine the winner.  There may even be a special prize for the heaviest coyote.

The proceeds of the derby go to their wolf  litigation fund.

I found two definitions of sportsman:

1. a person who exhibits qualities especially esteemed in those who engage in sports, as fairness, courtesy, good temper, etc.

2. A person whose conduct and attitude exhibit sportsmanship.

Do either of these definitions describe the actions that will be taken in this derby?  Do sportsman have predator killing contests?

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Idaho Closes Another Wolf Hunt Zone But Is Considering Extending the Season

Idaho closed Dworshak-Elk City wolf kill zone.  This is the third zone to be closed after the quota of  18 dead wolves had been reached, the other zones closed are the Upper Snake and McCall-Weiser.  108 wolves have been slain in Idaho since the wolf hunt began on September 1, 2009.  

Even though Idaho has now closed three of it’s twelve wolf hunt zones they are considering extending the hunts past the December 31st, 2009 deadline.  They already have a seven month long wolf hunting season in the Sawtooth and Lolo zones, which extend to March 31, 2010, right through wolf mating season.  Now they’re thinking of extending other hunting zones.  This is ridiculous. The rules have already been set, what other hunted animal have they extended the season for?  When the deadline is reached the hunts should be over.  Just more bad news for wolves in Idaho!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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“Lords of Nature” Playing in Columbia Falls, Mt. This Thursday

Photo: SigmaEye Flicker

Hi Everyone,

The must see video “Lords of Nature”, is coming to Columbia Falls, Mt. this Thursday @ 7pm.  This is the premiere film on predators, if you love wolves, grizzlies and moutain lions, this is for you!!

Flathead Valley, this is your chance to view this incredible film. The event is being sponsored by Defenders of Wildlife.  Here are the details.


Lords of Nature Film Premiere followed by a Q & A Session


Thursday, November 19th from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


Glacier Discovery Square
540 Nucleus Avenue
Columbia Falls, MT 59912



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