Montana and Idaho Close Two Wolf Hunt Kill Zones Today

the wolf hunt


Montana FWP closed the North Fork of the Flathead sub-unit wolf  kill zone.  The area had a quota of two wolves, which was reached today.  Three wolves were also poached in that area and FWP did not re-adjust the quota downward after the poaching incidents, as many people felt they should.  But then even talking about numbers of dead wolves is a grim business. 

In Montana, 59 wolves have been shot and killed by hunters, since the wolf hunt started on September 15, 2009, not including the three poached wolves.  Nineteen more wolves will lose their lives before the guns are silenced and the hunt is over.

We can’t bring the dead wolves back but we can work to see this doesn’t happen again next year.   Because the Obama Administration went forward with the delisting of gray wolves in the Northern Rockies, they are now being hunted, mere months after losing their Endangered Species protections.  I’m extremely disappointed in this administration for the actions they took to endanger gray wolves recovery.  So much for Obama’s campaign mantra of “Yes We Can”…it should have been… “Business As Usual“.  Shame!


Wolf hunt closed west of Glacier National Park after Monday morning kill at Big Creek



Idaho closed the McCall-Weiser wolf kill zone after the quota of 15 dead wolves was reached.  This is the second wolf kill zone to be closed out of twelve.  Idaho set a quota to kill almost one fourth of their wolves this hunting season.  220 wolves will die from a population of approx 850 to 1000.  

98 wolves have died since wolf hunting season opened in Idaho on September 1, 2009.  122 more wolves will lose their lives in Idaho before the hunting season closes.  Idaho’s wolf hunt continues until March 31, 2010, right through wolf mating season.  Double whammy for the wolves who’ll be trying to survive, mate and dodge hunters bullets!! 

The hunts in Idaho and Montana were the result of pressure from ranchers, hunters and outfitters to reduce the wolf populations even though wolves kill very few livestock and elk are thriving in both states. The hunts fly in the face of science and common sense but the wolf is a political football used to flame passions and advance political agendas.  Shame again!

Wolf season closes in McCall zone

NOTE:  I’ve purposely made a point to call the areas or zones the states have mapped out for killing wolves, exactly what they are, kill zones.  You won’t ever hear me use the word  harvest, which is FWP’s euphemism for killing. 

Photo: Wikemedia Commons

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