Idaho Closes Another Wolf Hunt Zone But Is Considering Extending the Season

Idaho closed Dworshak-Elk City wolf kill zone.  This is the third zone to be closed after the quota of  18 dead wolves had been reached, the other zones closed are the Upper Snake and McCall-Weiser.  108 wolves have been slain in Idaho since the wolf hunt began on September 1, 2009.  

Even though Idaho has now closed three of it’s twelve wolf hunt zones they are considering extending the hunts past the December 31st, 2009 deadline.  They already have a seven month long wolf hunting season in the Sawtooth and Lolo zones, which extend to March 31, 2010, right through wolf mating season.  Now they’re thinking of extending other hunting zones.  This is ridiculous. The rules have already been set, what other hunted animal have they extended the season for?  When the deadline is reached the hunts should be over.  Just more bad news for wolves in Idaho!

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  1. There is no science at all in this wolf hunt and it is planly seen.I am hoping that someone in enviromental groups are taking notice that Idaho wants to extend the hunting season and bring it to the attention to the courts.This action by Idaho is not following what was agreed apon in the courts earlier on.One can’t change the rules in midstream just to fill ones selfish needs/want.


    • Hi Rita,
      I completly agree IDFG should not be extending the wolf hunting season once the rules have been set. What other hunted animal have they done this for? Idaho already has two hunting zones that extend through March 31, 2010…Lolo and Sawtooth.

      I’m sure Judge Molloy is watching this hunt very carefully. One of the arguments against delisting is the genetic isolation of wolves, which I think has only increased by randomly killing wolves.

      This has been a bad year for the gray wolf.


  2. Erin, Man is a kiliing machine.Just take an example,the death of a 5 year old girl in North Carolina whose body was found on the side of the road,the 15 year old in Missouri who killed her 9 year old neighbor for just for the fun of it,and the list could go on and on.Maybe if we would see pictures of what man is capable of toward each other,including children and animals.


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