Idaho F&G Votes To Extend Wolf Hunts Thru March 31, 2010

Idaho Fish and Game just showed their true colors by extending all wolf kill zones through March 31. Now wolves will be chased all winter with snowmobiles, through deep snow with no cover, stressing them out to the max.  This is just unbelievable?  What other hunted animal have they extended a season for in this way?

Apparently the closed zones will not be reopened but the rest of the state will remain open for a SEVEN MONTH LONG WOLF HUNTING SEASON!!  Shame, Idaho.  The world is watching and I hope Judge Molloy is as well!!

I guess they didn’t heed this advice:

Don’t fuel the fire: End wolf hunting season Dec. 31

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  1. Nabeki,I really hope Judge Molloy does something!What I feared came true.


    • Hi Rita,
      You know he has to be watching this. The case probably won’t be heard until the after the first of the year.

      When have Fish and Game ever extended a hunting season because quotas weren’t filled? They want to get those 220 wolves if it takes extending the season. I am outraged.


    • I am sick over this and understand Idaho’s big bad hunters are slaughtering them from helocopters now. Cowards!!!!!!!!!We have to stop this and stop it now!!!! I am trying so hard to get the word out there. WHY WHY WHY is the this not on the news, in the media!!


      • Hi Susan,
        I feel the same way you do and Idaho extending the hunts only makes it worse. Plus the Idaho Basin Butte wolves were taken out by Wildlife Services last week, near Stanley, Idaho.

        I have all the alerts and links on the front page of the blog. Please call as many of them as you can. There are three big issues, the Predator Derbies, the extension of wolf hunting season and the lethal removal of the Basin Butte wolves by WS.

        The New York Times did an editorial about the hunts that was pro wolf. Here’s the link.

        But we need more. All my hope rests with Judge Molloy.

        For the wild ones,


  2. And here Mark Gamblin assured us that the hunting season would not be extended. Personally, I’m not surprised this has happened at all. Idaho is becoming very much the “Little Alaska”.


    • Hi John,
      Yep…he’s was over on Ralph’s site explaining it all away. We all know what they’re up to and you can’t use talking points to explain this train wreck.


  3. Ugh,this is really disgusting,I don’t understand how they stand it,it’s just bloody and horrible.
    How can they look at the eyes of such a dignified creature and shoot it?Your heart would have been token out of your chest to do that.


    • Ilovewolves….It is disgusting and base. What’s on the mind of someone who kills a wolf just because they can? Trophy hunting is one of the worst of human behaviors and because of it we’ve lost so many wolves and continue to lose them.

      For the wild ones,


  4. Hey John D. Wanna hear something sad and deceptive? I sat in Judge Molloys courtroom when all sides presented their positions this last go round. The attorney that was representing Idaho said on at least two occasions that Idaho loved wolves. Cant begin to tell you how angry I am that he under oath lied to everyone in the courtroom that day. Am I surprised that he did this? No , not in the least. It has become standard operating procedure with the government wolf haters. Cant get what you want just lie about it! Its easier to get forgiveness then permission.


    • Marc…I almost laughed if it wasn’t so deadly serious that an attorney representing Idaho stated Idaho loved wolves. They are showing how much they love wolves right now. They’re showing the 142 dead wolves killed in the hunts so far how much they love them. They showed the Basin Butte wolves how much they loved them when they gave WS their marching orders to gun the pack of seven wolves from the air, during Thanksgiving week, in broad daylight for godsakes.

      The government of Idaho has showed it’s contempt for wolves and it’s love of ranchers and hunters.

      I do believe many Idahoans love wolves and are watching in horror at what’s going on.



    • Marc,
      Actually they do love wolves… just not living ones.


  5. There are two ways of spreading light…to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.

    — Edith Wharton

    For all wolf advocates. Keep a shinin…


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