Imnaha Wolf Pack….Eastern Oregon!!

Here is positive wolf news in an otherwise grim season. I wanted to post this video last week but was sidetracked by Idaho extending the wolf hunt and the predator derby.

ODFW caught the ten member Imnaha Wolf pack walking single file through the eastern Oregon woods with at least six pups!! Leading the pack is alpha female B-300.

(“This video taken by ODFW on Nov. 12, 2009in the Imnaha Wildlife Management Unit (east of Joseph, Ore. in Wallowa County) shows at least 10 wolves make up a pack that ODFW has been monitoring since June 2008. The video was taken from an adjacent ridge across a canyon and shows a mixture of gray and black individual wolves moving upslope.”)

Eastern Oregon wolves again star in video, this time with youngsters

By Abby Haight, The Oregonian

November 19, 2009, 6:00PM


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  1. Are there any positive folktales regarding wolves written for children? I am just curious if anyone knows of one or two?
    Maybe someone should write a few heartwarming tales about good kind wolves…. with the greening of the American conscientiousness, maybe this is a good time to kill the red riding hood myth about wolves once and for all by starting with the minds of the youngest generation?


    • Hi Shadowfire,
      What an amazing idea. We need to reach the younger generation and teach them them about the positive nature of wolves. Then maybe this cycle of wolf hatred can be broken!!

      I just found a great book about wolves called: Wolf Empire: An Intimate Portrait of a Species
      ~ Scott Ian Barry

      Thanks for reading!!


  2. That was a wonderful video! If we could only find some space in all of our hearts wolves would stand a chance! I could not help but to think if this had been videoed in Idaho by Idaho Fish and Game would these wolfs been shot and killed?


    • Marc…I love that video, they are so beautiful walking up slope single file…then suddenly one of the wolves, probably a pup, runs into the snow. Just magical. It’s so sad some people have closed their minds to this beauty. It’s their loss.



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