December 25, 2009

NIKON has dropped out of the SFW-Idaho Derby sponsorship

But they’re still the sponsor of:

Predator Masters

Hunting the Hunters

NIKON sells Coyote Scopes:

I would continue to call and write NIKON asking them why they support the killing of our predators?  The fact they actually make coyote rifle scopes pretty much answers that question.

Nikon Inc.
1300 Walt Whitman Road
Melville, NY 11747-3064, U.S.A.

Corporate Inquiries:

Nikon’s corporate media relations person: (thanks Rich!)
Tara Naughton


CABELA’S unfortunately has decided to continue to sponsor this “Derby”.  Contact them!

Also don’t forget to write to Idaho’s commissioners about extending the wolf hunt until March 31. Please write or call and express your opposition to this.

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  1. nabeki on my break off the floor I was able to get joe arterburn from Cabela’s on the phone. I told him point blank thay they are looking at a potential boycott due to their sponsorship of this predator derby. He told me in no uncertain terms that they are sensitive to the views of the non- hunting customer and that they are aware of the negative following these events cause. He was very silent when I pointed out their logo behind the photos of the degenerate hunter mental patients on their website which he pulled up while we were talking


    • Great job, William. I hope they reconsider their position on this. They have to know this is going to have a negative effect on their bottom line. We have to keep plugging along!! I’ve called them as well, plus Sportsmans Warehouse too. These derbys don’t belong in modern society.


      • Nabeki I have some contacts at the HSUS, they are as powerful as you can get on wildlife abuse issues. I’m going to make some calls next week and see what I can come up with.


  2. Nabeki, First time poster who loves your site!
    Great scoop on bringing Idaho Predator Hunt to everyone’s attention!! Bloggers Rule! I’ve learned that these hunting “derbies” are more prevalent than one would imagine (at least a civiled one), and that New Mexico predator hunts are held by: Predator Masters

    Reason I mention this is that Nikon is listed as a corporate sponsor of Predator Master website, and their sponsor banner literally cites their “coyote special” hunting scope!

    So, just because we thankfully chased them off ISFW’s Predator Derby site, there’s still a long way to go with them.

    Here’s Nikon’s corporate media relations person:
    Tara Naughton

    Let’s all give her a stern email!


    • Hi Rich…welcome to the site!!

      So NIKON is playing fast and loose with their sponsorships? They drop out of one derby and are still signed on to another?

      Thank you for the contacts. We really need to stay on NIKON also Cabala’s and Sportsman’s Warehouse. These derbys are disgusting. I’ve never heard of Predator Masters, thanks for bringing it to my attention. The poor coyotes, have really taken the brunt of these derby’s. Now they have wolves involved in them.

      And of course the ever looming threat to wolves from Wildlife Services….they just took out the Basin Butte wolves. Just awful. I’m going to be doing a piece on the Basin Butte wolves this weekend.

      For the wild ones,


  3. Thank you, Nabeki, for highlighting Basin Butte carnage, as well. I know Lynne’s been on the case, too. It’s almost too horrific to even imagine.


    • Rich…So much is going on, my head is spinning around backwards. Wolves are being assaulted from every side. Lynne and Ralph are doing a great job, I’m sure Lynne will have more to say about this and when she does, I’ll post it. The press have been strangely silent on this. Hopefully we’ll get more info soon. This is just tragic.


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