Idaho Basin Butte Wolves Gunned Down

Basin Butte wolves, Stanley, Idaho were gunned down by Wildlife Services. Who is Wildlife Services?…click here.

I am appalled and saddened by this action.  Why would Idaho state game managers order this killing when the wolf hunting season is in full swing?  Is this another method of reaching the wolf quota?  How much more wolf death is there going to be? When will the national press pick up this story?

From Ralph Maughan:

“You might want to call Jim Lukens, the Salmon area regional supervisor and ask him. (208) 756-2271. Approval of Wildlife Services wolf kills has been parceled out to the regional supervisors, like Mark Gamlin (who seems to have few to no wolves in his district).”


Please use these contacts to express your outrage over this action:

Developing Story………….

Photo:  James Balog


Aerial-gunning foes ask Obama to ban practice

By JOHN MILLER (AP) – 12 hours ago

“USDA Wildlife Services officials didn’t immediately respond to e-mail and telephone requests for comment. The division, with a budget of about $120 million, reported killing some 4.9 million animals in 2008 in efforts to control predators and invasive species.a”


Group Calls for End to the War on Wildlife 

WildEarth Guardians Seeks End of Aerial Gunning & Poisoning of Wildlife on Public Lands

Author: WildEarth Guardians
Contact: WildEarth Guardians (505) 988-9126

Read the petition (PDF)

See WildEarth Guardians’ report

See See Wildlife Services’ Exterminates 125% More Animals in 2008

Learn about the Wildlife Services’ Whistleblower Aerial-Gunning Complaint

View Aerial Gunning Accidents Records by USDA, States, and Individuals

See Wildlife Services Expenditures and History (PDF)

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