And The Wolf Killing Continues

Another wolf pack has been slated for execution, this time in Montana.  The Mitchell Mountain pack, who roam the Sieben Ranch, north of Helena have a kill order out on them.

The 125,000 acre ranch is owned by the Baucus family and operated by John Baucus, brother of Senator Max Baucus.. 

This wolf pack will be eliminated for killing a few goats and several guard dogs on the Sieben Ranch between 2008 and 2009.  Well this pack didn’t last long.  They just formed in 2008. 

No word yet on the Mitchell Mountain pack’s demise or when Wildlife Services will strike and gun these wolves down, probably using automatic twelve gauge shotguns.   I can’t imagine how terrified the wolves will be or how painful their deaths, being chased from the air, with bullets reigning down on them.  I’m sure they will be howling in pain as they suffer and die.  This sounds like something that happens in war but this is an action that will be taken against a wolf pack.

The kill order was given by Montana FWP to ….who else…. Wildlife Services.  They have the green light to wipe out the remaining members of the pack.  Seven members  have already been shot dead, including the Alpha female in 08. They also collared a pup in 08,  according to Montana FWP 2008 Wolf Report.  You see that’s how they find them.

Between Wildlife Services and the wolf hunts, we’ve had almost daily reports of wolf killings in the news.. When is this going to end?  Until every last wolf has been eliminated? 

The worst thing that can ever happen to a wolf is to wear a radio collar.  They are tracked constantly, their every movement watched.  I don’t know of any other animal that faces this kind of scrutiny?  I wonder if  Montana tracked every predator within it’s borders, the way they track wolves, what they would find?  

It’s a lose/lose situation for wolves.  Wolf packs are relentlessly monitored/harassed, with the states waiting to pounce whenever possible wolf kills occur. Who will be next on the list to die?  Maybe we should build  a memorial wall with the names of dead wolf packs?  We could call it Wolf Wars!

Wolf Pack North of Helena Will Be Killed

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