500 Wolves Wiped Out In The Northern Rockies


December 23, 2009

Well here we are people, the total dead wolf count for the Northern Rockies has hit FIVE HUNDRED WOLVES.  That is what we have come to.  One third of all wolves in the Northern Rockies ARE GONE!!!!!  And they’re not done yet.  There are still 89 wolves left to be killed in the Idaho hunt and who knows how many more wolves will die this winter in “lethal control” actions by Wildlife Services. Montana has given the green light to take out another 22 wolves for livestock depredation.  So that’s another hundred wolves slated to die…89 + 22 = 111 adding to the 500 already dead.

From the Associated Press:

The regional wolf count was 1,650 at the beginning of the year. Since September, hunters in Montana and Idaho have claimed at least 203 of the animals, with Idaho’s hunting season slated to continue through March. Almost 300 more have been killed by government wildlife agents, ranchers, poachers and natural causes.

That figure includes deaths in Wyoming, where hunting remains banned.

Concerning the slaughter of the Basin Butte Wolves in Stanley, Idaho last month…they finally are setting the record straight.

“In Idaho, federal wildlife agents last month shot seven wolves from the Basin Butte pack near Stanley, after its members were blamed for killing 36 sheep and about a dozen cattle since July 2008.

But after the Stanley shooting, wildlife advocates argued the pack was wrongly blamed and complained of heavy-handed tactics — including firing at the predators from a helicopter in full view of town.

“This pack did not kill 36 sheep at Cape Horn in August 2008,” said Lynne Stone, director of Boulder-White Clouds Council, an environmental group based in Ketchum. “But Wildlife Services wanted to blame them, to add to the case to wipe out this pack.”

This is an outrage! Between hunting, IDGF and FWP issuing kill orders to Wildlife Services, the wolf population is being decimated while wolf supporters sit helplessly by.

Please write to the governors of the states of Montana and Idaho.  To the wolf managers in Idaho and Montana.  Write to the newspapers.  Use Facebook, Twitter, whatever you have to do to get the word out.

The fallen 500 hundred wolves are not coming back. When will this slaughter end? Remember the twenty seven member Hog Heaven Pack killed in 2008 for livestock depredation, the one size fits all reason for killing wolves? 

Is there ever any mention of what measures ranchers have taken to protect their investments?  Or who’s cattle have been killed? Or that wolves are tracked relentlessly by their collars.  Or that ranchers lose most of their cattle to disease, weather and calving?   How many more wolves will die for cattle and sheep?   

Don’t forget that wolves are dying out there this holiday season.  Please speak out and stand up for them, they have no voice!!


Wolf death tally passes 500

By MATTHEW BROWN – and JOHN MILLER – Associated Press writers | Posted: Wednesday, December 23, 2009 12:00 am



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Photos: Courtesy James Balog

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