Legacy Of A Lost Wolf

An op-ed  in the Washington Post today concentrates on the beleaguered Mexican Gray wolf, who needs help desperately but the writer also mentions Wildlife Services formerly Animal Damage Control, who kills hundreds of thousands of animals each year for agriculture.  They’ve wiped out almost 300 gray wolves in 2009 alone in the Northern Rockies.  They didn’t do this on their own, their kill orders came from IDFG and  Montana FWP  to benefit the livestock industry. 

Between Wildlife Services, the Idaho and Montana hunts, poaching, the SSS crowd (Shoot, Shovel and Shutup, for anyone who hasn’t heard this term)  and general wolf mortality, the death toll in the Northern Rockies has hit 500 wolves out of a beginning population estimated between 1500-1600 wolves.  That’s one-third of the wolf population gone!  Montana has killed 203 wolves from a population of 450-500, that’s almost half Montana’s wolves, wiped out. This is unprecedented and they’re not done yet. 

“In Western states, ranchers run cattle on hundreds of millions of acres of federal lands, supported by subsidies that as of 2005, according to a Government Accountability Office report, cost American taxpayers $123 million annually. Most disturbing to me is the Agriculture Department’s euphemistically titled “Wildlife Services” program, also operated largely for the benefit of ranchers. In 2008, this program exterminated 124,414 carnivores such as bears, wolves, foxes, coyotes, bobcats, raccoons and cougars via cruel methods including leghold traps, aerial shooting and poisoning.”

Please write and speak up about the killing of  wolves for agribusiness.  Whoever you know, if you have connections to the media, etc. any influence you might have to get this story out about wolves being slaughtered in the Northern Rockies, please use it.  If the powers that be don’t feel any push back from the public they won’t have any impetus to change.  Wolves are dying, we can’t let them fade away without fighting for them!!


Legacy of A Lost Wolf

By Betsy KarasikSunday, December 27, 2009



Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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