Island of the Wolves….A Year In The Life of Wolf Pups



This 30 minute video was shot by RT (Russia Today).  It’s a year in the life of Russian wolf pups.

From RT:

With this 30-minute video we offer you the opportunity to find out yourself. Spend a year with a pack of wolves. At the beginning of the video they are just a month old and have no idea how to survive, but they know they must survive in the wild. Every day brings new discoveries, every step they make gives us a chance to understand the world they’re living in. And this world only seems distant.


These wolves are the same as the wolves being killed in the wolf hunts in the Northern Rockies and by Wildlife Services for the livestock industry.  Think about it.  We’ve lost over 500 wolves this season, wolves just like these wonderful animals. 

Photo: RT (Russia Today)

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Watch Wolf Pups Live…..Russia Today


January 12, 2010 Live Wolf Cam Starts At 8am Mtn or 15:00 GMT

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