“We listened for a voice crying in the wilderness. And we heard the jubilation of wolves!” -Durwood L. Allen

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  1. Durward Allen , who died back in 1997, wrote “The Wolves of Minong: Their Vital Role in a Wild Community”, a book for the general public on his and his students’ study of the Isle Royale population of the Gray Wolf.
    He was a compassionate man, who understood that we humans must retain our closeness and relationship with all the other beings in nature.

    While the Isle Royale wolves have more recently suffered from inbreeding depression and the losses due to living on a relatively small island, (see Rolf Peterson’s work “The Wolves of Isle Royale: A Broken Balance” for update by one of the finest of those students) Dr. Allen’s work remains the earliest best work of introduction of wolf behavior and importance after Adolph Murie’s Denali studies, which began it all

    (Always excepting what native elders tell in centuries of wisdom. But most of you have not heard any of that. Look for and seek to hear it, as well as the books and words of everyone the Wolf has called to, for one of these is you)

    (I omit the works of wolf killers like Seton and Leopold, as they did not care to know the wolf for anything but a target. That they got religion is all too like those who spent their lives as brutal alcoholics and then got religion. Such as the latter are foreign to those who chose from the first to remain awake. They were not of my tribe. As a child who lived in wolf-home, and saw wolf & bear traps on the wall, I remember too well the drowning feeling of what it must be like to be caught and condemned to a torturous death by what now seem to me surely to be lesser beings. What a child knows and understands should lead to something other, better, than the lives of the greater mass of mankind)

    But, here, for Durward and for You:
    The song has every meaning that you give to it, and more. Tomorrow you will hear yet more in it, and know that you will hear less forever, than its full meaning.
    In this you will find Durward, yourself, and a little of the thoughts of a wolf. May you always be gifted by the mystery of the Other.


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