Wolfy Valentine


Mexican Gray Wolf



Valentine’s Day for Wolves?

“For most of us Valentine’s Day represents cards, sweets and celebrations of love but did you know that February 14thalso marks a major festival in ancient Rome named in honor of wolves?  The festival Lupercalia was held during the peak breeding season for wolves.  Wolves only breed once a year and typically only the pack leaders produce the pack’s single litter of pups.  The breeding season extends over February with the breeding pair exhibiting courtship rites (e.g. playing, howling together, physical bonding, etc) throughout the process.  The alpha female gives birth about 63 days after she becomes pregnant.  Born blind and helpless, the whole pack cares for the youngsters until they’re old enough to hunt on their own at about 10 months of age.  So, perhaps do a little howling yourself this Valentines Day in honor of our wild friends.”……..From Defenders of Wildlife


posted in: biodiversity, gray wolf/canis lupus, mexican gray wolf

tags: wolves are beautiful, wolf recovery, wolf valentine
Wolf Photo: Courtesy US Fish and Wildlife Services

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  1. Indeed very nice, May everyone have a nice Valentines day. May the wolfs get a day of rest from persecution. I can only hope!


    • Marc….I’m sending love and positive thoughts to them today. May they stay safe from the guns and cruelty.



  2. Love the positive energy of this post N. thanks.


    • g….
      My new slogan, Love A Pack Today….
      Glad you liked their Valentine’s Day Card!!



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