Another Blow….Judge Will Allow IDFG To Land Helicopters in Frank Church To Collar Wolves

Chief US District Judge B. Lynn Winmill denied injunctive relief sought by Western Watersheds Project to prevent IDFG from landing helicopters in the Frank Church Wilderness to collar wolves.  This is another blow for wolves and wilderness.  It will only embolden IDGF to continue their war on wolves.  The judge did warn:

“The next helicopter proposal in the Frank Church Wilderness will

face a daunting review because it will add to the disruption and intrusion of this

collaring project. The Forest Service must proceed very cautiously here because

the law is not on their side if they intend to proceed with further helicopter projects

in the Frank Church Wilderness. The Court is free to examine the cumulative

impacts of the projects, and the context of the use. Given that this project is

allowed to proceed, the next project will be extraordinarily difficult to justify.”

My question to that statement is why allow it in the first place if the law is not on their side? In any case this is another salvo across the bow at Idaho’s wolves.

To read the decision CLICK HERE:

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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