Wolf Pack Memorial Page (Updated 2011)

This page is updated as quickly as I can read through weekly wolf reports. Its to remind people the War Against Wolves continues unabated.

Most of these wolves have been wiped out in “control actions” by WS.  Others were killed under 10j, some were poached, a few died of general mortality.

I created this page so they wouldn’t be forgotten. Please remember these wolves, most have died in the name of agribusiness, the same reason wolves were exterminated from the West in the 19th and 20th centuries with strychnine, some set on fire and even fed broken glass.

What humans have done and continue to do to wolves is morally wrong.  Please consider reading “Of Wolves and Men”, by Barry Lopez to learn the whole story.

To view the page….CLICK HERE:

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  1. nabeki,
    do you have any info on the druids- i understand that six of them are missing including the alpha. there is one remaining female with mange that i am praying for to survive. animal planet had a yellowstone special last week which showed the druids in their heyday when they had 37 members- what a facinating sight to see their grace, confidence and stealh in action! how could six just go missing in Yellowstone


    • Hi William,
      I really have no more info about the Druids other then what I’ve read on Ralph’s site from Katie. This is truly disturbing, the Druids were the rock stars of Yellowstone. I know they were hit hard by mange and the pups had Parvo or Distemper. It’s such a tragedy to have six of them go missing. I will try to get more information but this is a huge loss.

      For the Druids, For the wild ones,


  2. Nabeki
    With all the bad news it is important to remember that attitudes are changing in favor of wolves..There will always be the Ron Gillette types…. luckily there is medication for that type of behavior. I received a lengthy one page letter from the environmental Minister in Sweden which I found encouraging. If you still have my email address send me yours because I lost all my emails last month including five years of environmental issue documents, and i’ll send you the letter which describes their committment to wolf restoration.


    • Hi William,
      I’d love to see the letter. Are the having second thoughts about the wolf hunt they carried out?

      I do try to find the positives and concentrate on education but this has been the the worst time for wolves since their reintroduction to the Northern Rockies. Hope Judge Molloy rules soon.

      I’ll send you an email.

      For the wolves, for the wild ones,


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