Even though this is a wolf blog I believe the epic documentary film, EARTHLINGS, is relevant to the persecution of wolves and one of the most important films concerning the treatment of animals by humans.

Please visit: where you can buy the film or donate. This film is very graphic, viewer discretion is advised.

Special thanks to Nancy for bringing this film to my attention!



Directed by Shaun Monson, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.

Speciesism: (SPEE-shee-ziz-uhm)  Human intolerance or discrimination on the basis of species, especially as manifested by cruelty to or exploitation of animals.


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten

“This is the most powerful and informative movie about society’s treatment of animals.  A must-see film for anyone that cares enough to know.”

Woody Harrelson

You can also watch the entire film on Google: CLICK HERE

The producers have offered the film for free in a lower quality film format, as in the above Google link.  If you want the upgraded version, visit Earthling’s website to buy the higher quality DVD. 


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”….Mahatma Gandhi

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  1. A member of my family had worked in a slaughterhouse for some years. Where this member worked, the process of killing the animal, cattle in this instance, was a rapid metal bolt through the head, workers also had a shotgun on standby – typically it is an instant death.

    The mass production of animals for food is part of the problem, because it is cost effective for people to cut corners such as animal welfare. This does not imply that what some livestock owners is proper. For example, chickens bred in cramped conditions do not thrive as well as those that had the chance to scratch around and act like chickens. The nutritional value of factory eggs and chickens suffers greatly, becoming more of a risk to consumer health. I won’t attempt to touch on the treatment of animals raised for consumption in China – as it is notoriously a train wreck.

    If we wish to touch on the treatment of wolves, Russia still uses live grey wolves in Borzoi dog trials – allowing the dogs to tear the leashed animal apart. Hunters from Mongolia use golden eagles to crush the head of wolves, if the wolf does not die they slit its neck with a knife – typically for entertainment, under the guise of ‘spirituality’ and ‘heritage’. Two of the most disturbing and disgusting uses for the hide of a wolf, from least to most, is the use of a full hide to mimic a wolf from a fictional animated movie (ironically this movie is based on the self-destroying nature of greed and selfishness in humans) and the use of their tails as a adult toy (the fur industry does sink that low apparently). The most insulting comments are also from owners of bones, tooth necklaces and hides are when they call the pieces ‘junk’ after having owned them for a few months.
    Every time a taxidermist ‘processes’ a wolf, they always – ALWAYS – have it snarling and looking as vicious as possible. I had a conversation with a taxidermist, the person quoted that they did it out of reverence for the animal killed and that the carcass would go to waste otherwise. If the ‘hunter’ who killed the animal was not going to use it, why was it killed in the first place and how would making a rug out of it, something for people to wipe their feet on, be thought of as respectful? As far as I am concerned these people have as much blood on their hands as those that sport hunt. Pun not intended.


    • John,
      I know Russia offers no protections to wolves but I didn’t know that those barbaric practices were still going on. One of the reasons I posted Russia Today’s wolves was to show there are people in Russia that do care about wolves and want to help. But that is very disturbing. I might have to do a piece on it.

      As for Earthlings I’ve known about this stuff for years, I support the Humane Farming Association but I’m glad that someone finally put it into a movie. I’m hoping it gets spread far and wide and people will wake up to what humans are doing to animals. The film touches on all aspects of animal abuse but I know it’s very hard to watch. I have not eaten meat for over ten years and factory farming was the impetus for it.



      • Nabeki,

        True, not all Russians agree with the methods of their fellow countrymen. There is one organisation I know of that is trying to get wolves a fair go in Russia:


      • Thanks for the link John. Good to know. Also Lupus Laetus the organization that runs the RT wolf project.


  2. Very powerful movie on animal abuse. My video store had not heard of the movie so they ordered one for store rental. They suggested watching Food Inc. A documentary exposing a handful of huge corporations that have taken over the food processing industry not only here but in other countries. Smithfield Ham has almost wiped out the independent pig farmers in parts of Europe. Google Pig Business on YouTube for that little documentary, unfortunately they can’t raise the funds to take their film worldwide.


    • Nancy thank you for making me aware of this film. Their website is amazing and they really want to get this movie out to a wide audience. You can give donations to them for that purpose. It’s really hard to watch. BUT if people can get through it it will change many hearts and minds. I think it’s one of the most important documentaries every made.



  3. Thank you for making us aware of this film. I viewed the PET section and was depressed as hell after watching it. I volunteer at the local animal shelter and cannot believe some places still use gas as euthanasia. It’s uncalled for in this country as we have money to pay off the Wall Street scoundrels, but not enough money to eutanize animals humanely? BS! Animal abuse is America’s dirty little secret and it’s even worse in other countries! As far as the meat industry goes, I am steadily working towards being a vegan – there’s no excuse for the abuse the factory farms get away with. Sometimes I don’t know why we consider ourselves the “higher” species.


    • Lyndell,
      I thought long and hard about posting this movie because I know many people will not be able to get through it. But if you can watch it until the very end it’s a life changing movie. I was already very aware of the abuses of factory farming. I support the Humane Farming Association, Peta and Mercy for Animals. But this movie is so powerful, it puts it all together. I’m glad you’re thinking of becoming a vegan, it’s one of the best things you can do for animals. And props to you for volunteering in an animal shelter. I was shocked to see the gassing of animal in the movie and throwing them away like they were trash. Just so sad.



  4. Hi Nabeki,

    Looks like someone has finally got the attention of Washington, a hearing was held today on the horrible practices at slaughterhouses.


    • Nancy at least that’s a start. I know they won’t stop the line for anything. It keeps rolling even when animals that are strung up are still alive and kicking. It’s so brutal. They need a complete overhaul of the system but when profit is involved the animals lose. In a perfect world factory farms would be outlawed. They are a horror.



  5. Here’s something I don’t believe in. Some cultures insist on treating animals cruelly because of their cultural/religious doctrines – that animals bred to be eaten have no right to quality of life or the right to have a quick, clean death. If this is challenged – then we’re being intolerant or just don’t understand their culture.


  6. I…I just couldn’t finsh watching the movie, it is just way more of the level I can stand. The only thing that I was able to see just a little bit was this video called “Chew on this” about reasons why to be a vegan or vegeterian.
    I rarely eat red meat, I do eat fish and sometimes poultry, but I try to avoid beef and pork, and if I do eat it, I feel quite bad about it. I think that in my country that is very controlled, but I am going to research about it.


    • I just saw the 2nd part, it really horrified me when they threw the dog in the garbage truck. Also, bullfighting in Spain is simply cruel and horrible. Since my native language is Spanish,so I can perfectly understand what they say.I once saw in a channel how a matador killed a bull, the public cheered and the comentarist was just very calm, saying how the “brave matador killed the fierce bull”


      • Just terrible Loua. I can’t believe the way some animals are treated.



    • Hi Loua,
      Earthlings is hard to watch but I posted it because even if people watch a little of it, it’s educational about the terrible way we treat animals. Unfortunately things are grim for animals, especially farm animals. Factory farming is a horror. I haven’t eaten meat for over ten years. Pigs have it especially bad. The Humane Farming Association and PETA are working to change conditions for these poor, suffering animals but change is coming very slowly. The big push is to ban gestation crates that pigs spend their whole lives in, only able to lay down and stand up on cold concrete. They can’t even turn around. Here’s an update on which states have outlawed gestation crates, veal crates, battery cages:

      Outlaw Cruel Veal Crates, Gestation Crates and Battery Cages

      Click to access Confinement%20Legislator%20Brief_vf.pdf



  7. Mm, love wolves, we used to have to the honor of having a 100% Great Northern Timber wolf as a furry family member. Named him Tatonka, from Dances with Wolves.

    As to Earthlings… I’ve never seen anything so tramautizing in my life! And I only made it through Pets! I had to stop watching after the trash compactor scene. I was crying so hard I could barely see, and my heart was beating so fast and erratically that I honestly don’t know if I could have physically taken much more.


    • Hi Casyle,
      Sorry about Earthlings…it is so brutal. You aren’t the person that needs to watch it anyway because I’m sure you are caring and compassionate towards animals. The people that should be watching it probably never will and if they did they wouldn’t get it. But I’m glad the film was made because animal abuse thoughout the spectrum is so horrific and endemic in cultures around the world, that it needed to be documented. I do believe it will make a difference for animals, albeit slowly. People are starting to wake up and do the right thing. I gave up meat about eleven years ago and have never regretted it. I feel healthier now then I did when I ate meat.

      How wonderful to have shared your life with a wolf. Actually one of my favorite parts of Dances With Wolves was watching the wolf and Kevin Costner interact. People have no idea how shy wild wolves really are. That’s why it breaks my heart to think how they are suffering under the brutal policies against them.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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  9. “We do not need to reflect too long before we realize that all beings spontaneously look for happiness and try to avoid suffering.” – Dalai Lama


    • Thank you, Holise for sharing this wonderful quote from the Dalai Lama. I think we need him to come to the Northern Rockies and heal the hard hearts that stand against the wolf.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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  12. Thanks for the post! This film is amazing and chocking… I found the entire movie Earthlings in Art Days, here is the link!


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