Brown Bear Webcam, McNeil River State Game Sanctuary

I created a page devoted to the McNeil River Brown Bears in Alaska.  Every year people come from all over to view these bears fishing for salmon. The webcam streams live from early June to late August, when the salmon run, which attracts the largest gathering of brown bears on the planet. 

At this time the webcam is showing reruns from last year but still are fun to watch.  I’ve also added a few other videos of the bears fishing for salmon.

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Wile E Coyote Finds Safety In Numbers In Wolf Country

A Wildlife Conservation Society study, on coyote densities in wolf country, found Canis Latrins numbers were lower overall when they shared the neighborhood with wolves, even though they still outnumbered wolves in those areas.

The study followed collared coyotes in Grand Teton National Park and the southern GYE.  It found there were 33% fewer coyotes in Grand Teton NP and 39% fewer coyotes in Yellowstone when wolves were around.

Coyotes are afraid of wolves and with good reason. Wolves view their smaller cousins as competition and let the little “Song Dogs” know it. Of course this is not news, it’s common knowledge there is no love lost between wolves and coyotes.

Wolf/Coyote Interaction: The End of Patience: SigmaEye

In spite of their fears Wile E Coyotes have found a way to stay relatively safe in wolf country. How? They form packs.

There truly is safety in numbers. Lone coyotes have a much higher mortality rate then pack coyotes. Makes sense. Coyotes have each other’s backs when canis lupus moves in.

Coyotes In February, Yellowstone National Park: SigmaEye

Of course it’s not wolves that are the cayotes worst enemy. The study found wolf caused mortality was 13% but humans were responsible for 29% of collared coyote deaths. Not suprisingly, the greatest threat to coyotes is not the wolf but the deadliest predator on the planet, man.

And now for a little Wile E Coyote vs Roadrunner:


Coyotes Cower in Wolf Territory

By LiveScience Staff

posted: 11 September 2007 12:28 

* The article uses  Big, Bad Wolf, a term I dislike because it assigns human motives to wolves.


Photos Courtesy SigmaEye and Wikimedia Commons 

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