April is “The Month Of The Wolf” At The University of Colorado, Boulder

The University of Colorado, Boulder is having month long lectures on wolves in April.  They are calling it  The Month Of  The Wolf

With the news wolves have taken up residence at the  High Lonesome Ranch, northeast of Grand Junction, these lectures are perfectly timed.

If you live in Colorado or want to travel to hear the lectures, these are the dates and times.  Thanks Suzanne for making me aware of this.



The Month of The Wolf

The University of Colorado, Boulder

       March 31, 6:00PM The Wolf and the Tangled Food Web

       April 13, Noon Join the Conversation! Yellowstone Wolves

       April 16, 2:00PM  Mission Wolf

       April 17, 2:00PM  The Politics of the Wolf

      April 21, 6:00PM  The “Big Bad” Wolf: The Western View of the Wolf


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