Wolf Persecution Is A Thing Of The Past

April Fools, Unfortunately.


Photo: First People

Posted in: Wolf Wars, wolf intolerance

Tags: Canis Lupus, stand up for wolves, wolves in the crossfire

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  1. Well, it is at least a wonderful thing to see the words written. Words are powerful and I live in hope that someday, it will be a thing of the past. Beautiful pics!


    • If only this were true!!


  2. Nabeki, I am hearing that Idaho fish & game wants to reduce wolf #s to 120. This is unacceptable. If Molloy doesn’t rule in our favor, MANY wolves are going to lose their lives. All of this hard work bringing wolves back will be lost. Something needs to happen.


    • Jon,
      That has always been Idaho’s goal. If they try to reduce the wolf population from 850 to 120, the feds would have to step in. I think the feds should step in now and put an end to this madness. It’s obvious what the states agenda’s are. To kill as many wolves as possible. This cannot stand. I’m waiting to see what Molloy is going to do. But wolf advocates must organize against this. I will be thinking this over in the next couple of weeks.



    • So, Idaho is thirsty for more blood, huh? Doesn’t surprise me at all.


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