Coastal Wolves of The Great Bear Rainforest

The Great Bear Rainforest 

“On the mainland coast of British Colombia, the Great Bear Rainforest stretches for more than 250 miles. Born of a complex interaction between ocean, mountains, forest and rain, this is a land of mist-shrouded valleys and glacier-cut fjords, old-growth forests and rich salmon streams. At 21 million acres, it is part of the largest remaining coastal temperate rainforest on Earth.”….The Nature Conservancy

The Great Bear Rainforest  is home to the salmon eating Coastal Gray Wolves. 

The old growth forests of the Great Bear Rainforest are intricately linked to the Coastal Gray Wolves survival.

The Spirit Bear



Photo Spirit Bear: Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Nabeki,What a treat to see!!!


    • Glad you enjoyed it Rita. The Great Bear Rainforest is a treasure. The coastal wolves live in that beautful world along with the Spirit Bear. I hope the BC government honors their pledge to protect it.



      • i love it


  2. Wasn’t sure where to put this Nabeki, but I hope it brings a big smile to everyone’s face!

    One of those precious moments someone was lucky enough to capture.


    • OMG Nancy…that was the most precious thing. What a wonderful capture, it brought tears to my eyes. I’ll post it on the front page of the blog tomorrow. Amazing!!



  3. Tears to my eyes also Nabeki!

    Brought back memories of my old dog Molly (who passed away last year) running up and down the yard fence, playing with a couple of mule deer fawns on the other side. All of them so innocent and obviously enjoying each other’s company. Those brief moments most of us humans don’t see when it comes to nature and how tolerant it can be when its not pushed beyond it’s limits.


    • Nancy….that tiny little moment when the little moose babies were romping in someone’s backyard with their mother looking on so lovingly, just melts a person’s heart. There are millions of moments like this in the animal world that we never witness but just knowing they exist renews the spirit.



  4. hello, you should check out my group on facebook, National park status for the Great Bear rainforest, and Flathead Region, or you can find me on facebook, under the name ,kasha marie ferguson csik. Good work on here, keep it up!


    • Thanks for the heads up Kasha!! And thanks for the kind words.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  5. if your not already, you should get affiliated with “The wolf people” in Sandpoint Idaho. Eventhough, in my opinion, it’s the worst state for wolf treatment, these people, do some great work!


  6. Hi Kasha,
    I visited the Wolf People online site and while I have no doubt their hearts are in the right place and they are concerned about the future of wolves, I was troubled by the commercialization of the site.

    Grant it, they have to be able to support the wolves they have there in captivity, but encouraging people to franchise a store (even though you aren’t required to have a “live wolf” at your store location) seems a bit over the top to me, which in turn, makes me wonder where the pups being born, are going to?

    You can not equate wolves raised in captivity with wolves in the wild and while I can appreciate Wolf People using them as learning tools, I worry about the “petting zoo” atmosphere the site projects at their location in Idaho.

    Me? I’d much rather support the efforts of groups who are doing what they can to see wolves returned to the MILLIONS of acres of wilderness areas still left in Idaho, Montana & Wyoming, regardless of the non-stop whining and moaning from the (always got my hand out for subsidies and thanks WS for the millions more spent on predator control )ranchers and the (got 6 weeks to kill something)hunters out there………….


  7. this is so cool


  8. bears are so cute and tough at the same time


  9. I love the photo at the top of the page. Can I have your permission to use it in a presentation I’m giving about salmon habitat restoration?


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