Running With Wolves

Gudrun Pflueger, an Austrian wolf biologist, made the documentary “A Woman Among Wolves” over three years ago.  It follows her journey on the British Columbia coast, tracking a pack of coastal wolves. Click this link to watch the full episode.

I was so moved by her interaction with the wolves. Then, soon after making the  film, Gudrun was struck down by a malignant brain tumor and spent the next three years trying to beat it. 

She states she was inspired by her experience with the coastal wolves, tapping into their “legendary stamina”, to battle the disease. 

Now she has beaten cancer and made another documentary about Canada’s wolves called “Running With Wolves”.  It’s good to see Gudrun alive and well.  If you haven’t seen this amazing film you still have a chance.  I posted the Direct TV schedule below.  HOWLS!!

Scientist beats cancer, finds inspiration among ‘Wolves’

By Gary Strauss, USA TODAY


Showtimes for “Running With Wolves” on Direct TV,  Smithsonian Channel 267, Mountain Time.

Thursday 4/22 @12pm   

Tuesday 2/27 @ 12:00pm          

Tuesday 2/27 @ 11:00pm              

Gudrun is dedicating her life to wolf conservation.


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