The Wolf In Your Living Room


Martin Clunes two part special called “A Man and His Dogs” is a must see. Clunes is a dog lover, English actor and comedian.

“Martin Clunes sets off on a world wide adventure to discover how close the domestic dog is to its ancestor the wild wolf in a fascinating two-part documentary.
The Doc Martin star takes a wry and witty look at why we are prepared to share our homes with dogs who are genetically still 99.8 per cent like wolves.”
He explores the close connection between dogs and wolves traveling to Yellowstone National Park to catch a glimpse of a wolf pack. He visits Australia to view Dingoes in the wild.
It’s a fun two hours and shows how close dogs and wolves really are. After watching this special it makes it even harder to understand how people can hate wolves, when in reality our beloved dogs are domesticated wolves.

Showtimes: Smithsonian Channel HD (267) Direct TV

Origins:(Part One) Monday 4/26, 8am Mountain Time

Best Friends: (Part Two) 4/26, 9 am Mountain Time


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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