“The caribou feeds the wolf, but it is the wolf who keeps the caribou strong.” -Keewation (Inuit) Proverb

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Two Eastern Oregon Wolves Slated To Be Killed…..Wolf Wars Part 99,000

B-300, July 09, after ODFW replaced her radio collar. She looks scraggly and thin in this photo.

Oregon has ordered Wildlife Services to kill two wolves in the area of  livestock depredations in eastern Oregon. This is on top of the now SEVEN KILL PERMITS issued to ranchers.

ODFW states that by ordering the killing of two uncollared wolves this will help protect B-300 (Sadie) and her mate, the alpha pair of the Imnaha pack. How this reasoning works makes no sense to me? Why will killing two wolves, who were not caught in the act of livestock depredation, going to help the alpha pair? Do they have pictures of these wolves caught in the act of killing a calf or cow? To me it only escalates the situation.

SEVEN ranchers now  have kill permits, which typically last for 45 days. Wildlife Services kill order is good until June 11.

Please continue to email and call ODFW to protest the killing of these wolves.

Why are wolves continuing to be targeted and tracked, treated like terrorits when ranchers in Oregon lost 60,500 cattle to NON-PREDATION compared to 4500 cattle deaths due to ALL PREDATION? Again coyotes being number one killing 23oo cattle and calves, next Mountain Lions and Bobcats 1500. Wolves aren’t even mentioned in a category, because they kill so few livestock. That is a fact agribusiness doesn’t want you to know but one I will keep repeating over and over. Predation is a tiny, tiny percentage and the ranchers know it. Compare 60,500 non predation to 4500 predation, with wolves not even mentioned in a category. (NASS 2005)

Talking Points:

1. Ask what measures, besides having one lone person hazing wolves, have the ranchers carried out to protect their investment, not ODFW or Wildlife Services but the ranchers that are doing all the complaining?

2. Have they used guard animals, herding, night penning, frequent checks, exclusion fencing, fright tactics, livestock carcass removal and other non-lethal means to protect their cattle? Ask specifically what each rancher has done.

3. Ask ODFW how many cattle or calves have been lost to weather, disease, mastitis and all the myriad of calamities that befall cows?

4. Ask why one rancher is grazing his cattle with elk, wolves preferred prey?

The situation for the Imnaha Pack and the tiny population of 14 wolves just got even more dire.  The population will be reduced to 12 wolves after Wildlife Services, the bane of wolves, carries out their deadly kill orders.

Don’t forget these wolves and let Oregon know the public is watching what they are doing.


Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

3406 Cherry Avenue N.E.

Salem, OR 97303





Main Phone (503) 947-6000 or (800) 720-ODFW [6339]

Comments:  odfw.info@state.or.us

To Enter Your Opinion About This Issue Into Public Record: Contact: odfw.comments@state.or.us


ODFW authorizes lethal removal of wolves

Breeding pair to be protected


Photo: Courtesy ODFW

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