“The caribou feeds the wolf, but it is the wolf who keeps the caribou strong.” -Keewation (Inuit) Proverb

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  1. How is it that scientists, rachers, and hunters can’t comprehend the basic facts…..read the writing on the wall? How is it that they’ll condone and engage in senseless killing just for the sake of killing?


    • Hi David,
      I personally think the states sees wolves as a commodities to be used and abused. That’s my take on how they’re being “managed”.



  2. Thank you for all you are doing on behalf of the wolves. I am sometimes tempted to attend the public hearings but live in the middle of Kansas. I will no longer vacation in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho because of their wolf policies and will discourage others from travelling to these states. Montana also brutalizes the bison. I am acquainting my teenage children with what is going on out west and why we will no longer vacation at Yellowstone and Glacier national parks. It is hypocritical for the tourist shops in these states to celebrate the wolf and wilderness in items for purchase while their governments allow this sort of “management” to occur.
    Last year, we vacationed in Minnesota at Voyageurs National Park – we have a greater chance of observing wolves in the wild in Minnesota than in Wyoming, Montana or Idaho. I also am no longer buying potatos, french fries or anything else that I know may come from these states and have long ago stopped eating beef and don’t miss it in the least bit.


    • Hi Mark,
      I think it’s the right thing to do, take your tourist dollars where they aren’t slaughtering wolves. At least Minnesota has much more reasonable policies and 3000 wolves. They stated they would not even consider a wolf hunt for five years if wolves were delisted there. Yet Montana and Idaho held a wolf hunt mere months after wolves were delisted. Good for you for being pro-active to care enough about these animals to talk back with your pocket book. I hope you tell every one you know about what is happening here. As long as the states think they can get away with what they’re doing they’re going to keep doing it.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  3. There was an advert some time ago with the tagline: “Every Family needs a Farmer”. I laughed.

    Over 70% of Australian farm produce goes overseas to countries in the Middle East, Asia and Europe whose consumer populations outnumber our home consumers. Hundreds of the cattle and sheep exported will not survive the journey overseas – a marginally nicer fate than what some countries’ ‘traditional slaughter’ has to offer. Be damned if I will give one cent charitably to the people who have absolutely no respect for their customers and think of native wildlife as vermin rather than their own animals that consume very blade of grass and vegetation, erode the soil, trample burrows and dirty the waterways.


    • Well said John. What the heck are we doing to our native wildlife? Apparently they are commodities the state game agencies think they can exploit. How did we come to this? And so much wildlife is killed to sanitize the landscape for the livestock industry. Wolves and the rest of our native carnivores don’t deserve this. There has been so much killing it’s mind numbing.



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