Wolf Kill Permit Extended AGAIN in Oregon, the Imnaha Alpha Male Is Missing!!

Imnaha Alpha Male 2009   (Where is he?)

Could things get any worse for wolves in Oregon? This has to be the most beleaguered wolf population in the US, besides the Mexican gray wolves.

From Natural Oregon:

Federal agents are getting another week to hunt down two wolves in Wallowa County. This is the second time ODFW has extended the hunt.


the alpha male of the Imnaha wolf pack is missing. He should be wearing a tracking collar. But wildlife officials haven’t seen or heard from him in nearly three weeks.

So ODFW extended Wildlife Services kill order deadline for the second time! It was set to expire on June 19 but now it’s been moved ahead to June 25th. This gives Wildlife Services another week to hunt these two wolves down, even though there have been no depredations since June 4. Why would they do that?  Pressure from ranchers? Does this ever end?

The most disturbing news concerns the missing alpha male. If he was shot illegally, this would be so tragic. The Imnahas are Oregons only breeding  pair of wolves.  The loss of the father (alpha)  is the worst possible outcome. 


Wolf News: Hunt Extended Again, Alpha Male Is Missing

June 18, 2010

By Dennis Newman



Write to ODFW concerning the extension of Wildlife Services kill permit. Are they bowing to pressure from ranchers? 

There are only 14 wolves in the entire state of Oregon and this is how they treat them?


Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

3406 Cherry Avenue N.E. 

Salem, OR 97303





Main Phone (503) 947-6000 or (800) 720-ODFW [6339]

Comments:  odfw.info@state.or.us

To Enter Your Opinion About This Issue Into Public Record: Contact: odfw.comments@state.or.us


Photo: Courtesy ODFW

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  1. The situation just keeps getting worse and worse for Sophie’s pack. I’ve already written ODFW twice about this and emailed my representatives about it.

    But there might be hope.

    I just read that the ODFW says the wolves moved to a more forested area. That would explain why there have been no more depredation from wolves in over two weeks. It would also mean that they are no longer near the area where WS has permission to kill them. Biologists think that Sophie had pups this year and that they have already left the den site, which would explain why the pack moved. I really hope she had pups. If she had 6-7 like last time and the all survive, that would be nearly a 50% raise in Oregon wolf population.

    If the worse case came true scenario and the alpha male was killed, there is a 2-year old collared male in the pack that they think is not related to Sophie. He could become the next alpha male and save the pack. Here is a photo of him after he was collared; http://www.dfw.state.or.us/news/images/photo_gallery/wolves_in_the_news/content/0167_male_wolf_odfw_large.html


    • Thanks Katie for the link. I don’t feel too optimistic of finding him alive but stranger things have happened. One of the other wolves could have chewed off his collar. But even though it happens, given the circumstances surrounding the wolves right now, they couldn’t be in a more hostile environment, I just have a sick feeling in my stomach that some lowlife killed him. I hope I’m wrong and he shows ups soon. As for there being another male in the pack not related to Sophie, that could be be a good thing but pack dynamics is tricky, we won’t know what the future holds for the Imnaha’s if they lose their “father”. Plus Wildlife Sevices is gunning for two more wolves from the pack So that would be a loss of three wolves out of ten, plus the pups if they have any.


  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Kathy Hodges, Nabeki. Nabeki said: Wolf Kill Permit Extended AGAIN in Oregon, the Imnaha Alpha Male Is Missing!!: http://wp.me/pDTDG-1Od […]


  3. Why is it that if a man, woman or child should meet with some type of catastrophic accident such as their vessel sinks or they become lost in the wilderness, the authority’s have a short time period that they will search for the unfortunate souls? However, If you are a wolf that has been ACCUSED of depredation the Wildlife Service or other government agencies will spend weeks and large amounts of tax payer dollars hunting the ACCUSED down.


    • Marc it doesn’t make any sense and it’s another example of the persecution wolves are subjected to. That’s why I believe wolves in the Northern Rockies should always be under ESA protection. They can’t survive without it.





    • Thanks Agnes for all you do for wolves!!





  6. The kill order is set to expire tomorrow, that is if they don’t decide to extend it for a third time. If they do extend it for another week, I’ll have lost what little faith I have left in ODFW.


    • I’m keeping my fingers crossed as well Katie. There hasn’t been a depredation since June 4th, the alpha male is missing .Oregon can’t afford to lose anymore of their wolves. If ODFW renews Wildlife Services kill order, then it will look like this is all about revenge.



      • Nabeki,
        When is a kill order -not- about revenge?
        One calf = five to nine wolves + thousands of taxpayer dollars. For a farmer, a cattle calf averages around $300-$700, the numbers simply do not add up.


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