ODFW Extends Wolf Kill Permit Two More Months…..

May 2010 recording of the Imnaha wolf pack howling.  Click link below to listen.


Courtesy Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Well so much for progressive thinking in Oregon. Cattle trump wolves again.  The ranchers are whining about six calf depredations when they’ve lost hundreds probably thousands of calves to coyotes, weather, disease. Why aren’t they complaining about that?

I want the figures on cows and calves lost to non-predation and predation other then wolves,  since the beginning of 2010.  The new NASS numbers should be out but won’t cover 2010.  Stop acting like this is a big crisis. I’m sick of it. WOLVES ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. PEOPLE ARE THE PROBLEM!!

Why is Wildlife Services being allowed to relentlessly track two Imnaha wolves for two more months when the last depredation was on June 4, almost a month ago? Let’s hear the reasoning ODFW??  Don’t forget to publish the number of dead cows from other causes.  This is kabuki theater to get wolves killed. SHAME!!! 

Kabuki Theater

Oregon is turning out to be just as hostile to wolves as the rest of the Northern Rockies. How pathetic they can’t co-exist with FOURTEEN WOLVES??? Also the alpha male or father of the Imnaha wolf pack is STILL MISSING. I’m convinced  he’s dead, although I hope I’m wrong.  No way would he stay away from his mate and their pups this long.

BTW, Oregon’s Governor denied a direct appeal to grant clemency to the two wolves Wildlife Services is hunting.  Write to him!


Oregon Wolf Hunt Extended Two More Months, ODFW Defends Its Actions

June 25, 2010

By Dennis Newman

Still missing. The alpha male of the Imnaha pack hasn’t been seen or heard from since May 31st. ODFW photo.

The hunt for two wolves in Wallowa County could last all summer long. That’s the latest word from Oregon Fish and Wildlife.

ODFW is now giving federal agents until the end of August to kill two members of the Imnaha pack. It’s the third time ODFW has extended the hunt.

Also new, ODFW is answering critics in the environmental community who think the agency is violating its own rules, and letting the wolf hunt drag out for too long.

“Chronic Depredation”

ODFW has extended the wolf hunt to stop what it says is “chronic depredation” of livestock in Wallowa County. There are six confirmed cases of wolf kills so far this year, and a few more unconfirmed cases. And even though there haven’t been any new attacks since June 4, ODFW says wolves are still being spotted in the area. In last week’s announcement, ODFW said it believed the wolves were moving away from private land.

Spokesperson Michelle Dennehy says all of this is allowed under the Wolf Management Plan which says wildlife officials can kill wolves to stop repeated attacks on livestock.

Rules Remain The Same

The rules governing the hunt remain the same. USDA Wildlife Services is only allowed to kill wolves without tracking collars. That’s designed to protect the breeding pair of the Imnaha Pack. Both the alpha male and female should be wearing collars. So should three other pack members. That leaves five of the ten member pack vulnerable to being killed.

The hunting is limited to privately owned pasture land near where the earlier attacks took place, and the size of the area where hunting is allowed hasn’t changed since June 9th.

 By the way, the alpha male is still missing. His collar stopped operating May 31st and ODFW has had no contact with him since then.

 Ranchers Are “Cooperating”

 Part of the dispute is about whether ranchers are doing everything they should to prevent wolf attacks. The wolf plan says non-lethal methods must be tried first, before wolves can be killed. The Hells Canyon Preservation Council and Oregon Wild say ranchers could be doing more. For example, they say some ranchers are leaving carcasses out in the open where they attract wolves, when they should be burying them.

 Dennehy says ODFW is getting good cooperation from Wallowa County ranchers. Here’s an excerpt from an e-mail she sent earlier.

 “Yes carcass piles can be a problem but ODFW believes ranchers have been very cooperative in carrying out non-lethal measures. We’ll continue to work with ranchers on non-lethal measures; it’s an ongoing project.”

 “Unfortunately, the non-lethal measures weren’t very effective–we have had six confirmed losses to wolves.”

Environmentalists Say…

 Oregon Wild tells me they’re not surprised by today’s news. Rob Klavins writes…

 The best that can be said now is that at least ODFW is being honest that this is essentially an open-ended kill order that won’t be rescinded until 2 of Oregon’s 14 endangered wolves are killed.  ODFW has violated both the spirit and letter of it’s own Wolf Conservation & Management Plan.  We have reluctantly supported the compromise plan in the belief that it would lead to science-based management of wolves that would only turn to lethal control as an option of last resort.  Trying to “send a message to the pack” through revenge killings weeks later is not science-based management.

 Time Running Out For Wolf Plan Comments

We’re now in our final days to comment on Oregon’s Wolf Plan. It’s undergoing a five year review period. ODFW is taking public comments until June 30, or Wednesday. Email them to ODFW.Comments@state.or.us. It will incorporate those comments into a revised plan that will be released later this summer.



Time To Speak Up For Oregon’s  Wolves



Contact: Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski



“To get a message to the governor contact the office of Mike Carrier, Natural Resources Director: Jo Bell, Executive Assistant, 503-986-6525, jo.l.bell@state.or.us   Assistant to Mike Carrier “


Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

3406 Cherry Avenue N.E. 

Salem, OR 97303





Main Phone (503) 947-6000 or (800) 720-ODFW [6339]

Comments:  odfw.info@state.or.us

To Enter Your Opinion About This Issue Into Public Record: Contact: odfw.comments@state.or.us


Photo: Courtesy ODFW

Photo: Kabuki Courtesy Nihon Daisuki

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  1. Well, there goes the little faith I had left in ODFW. Looks like it is just for revenge after all. There is no reason to continue the hunt when the wolves haven’t killed any cattle since the 4th and when the wolves are thought to be moving away from the area. I really thought that Oregon was going to be a safe haven for wolves. Guess I was wrong.


    • Hi Katie,
      I’m stunned by Oregon’s actions. ODFW seems to whithering from the cow growers complaining.



  2. So the cattlemen have their private hunt of a critically endangered species of the state -spits-
    Hey cattlemen, there’s a thing called the ESA… oh wait… I’m sorry, you’re above the law on your land, aren’t you? And any critter that ain’t one of yours gets its backside blown off if it so much as gives a look that you just don’t like!
    Who the hell do these people think they are?


    • Hi John,
      These cow growers are about as arrogant as you can get. I haven’t found one state game agency that will stand up to them. The pro-wolf people need some loud, whiney, pushy people in their corner, cause being polite and nice isn’t getting us anywhere.



      • Nabeki,

        I’m starting to think that the livestock growers and game agencies are scratching each other’s backs.


      • I think you are soooooooooo right John.





  4. I think I might actually have some good news from Oregon. Atleast, to me it is good news. Oregon Wild, Cascadia Wildlands, Center for Biological Diversity, and Hells Canyon Preservation Council have filed a lawsuit against Wildlife Services and ODFW in regards to extending the kill order again.



    • Great news, these wolf killing agencies need to feel some push back on their terrible policies. They act with almost complete impunity without regard to what the public thinks. It’s the ranchers and hunters they are listening to. Thanks Katie for the update.



    • I posted it in the wolf news section on the right side of the blog. Thanks again Katie!



      • Thanks, Nabeki!
        If I hear any more information about it, I will let you know. If the hearings are going to be open to the public, I will to try to attend them.


      • Thanks Katie.



  5. Katie,That is good news.I,also,want to thank you for the update.


    • You are welcome, Rita.
      If I hear any more news about the lawsuits or Oregon wolves, I will make sure to tell you guys.


  6. That is so sad. Who would want to kill those adorable wolves:(


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