186 Wolves Slated To Die In 2010 Montana Hunt

Well Montana FWP took off the gloves and increased the wolf hunt quota for 2010 to 186. That is more then double the number from the 75  quota of  the 20o9 hunt.  These are the folks in charge of wolves lives. They are treating them like vermin. 

A wolf archery season was created with the new quota. So now wolves will be dodging arrows and bullets if this misguided, brutal hunt goes forward.

Even though wolves are a newly delisted species the state couldn’t wait to start killing them, mere months after gray wolves lost their ESA protections in 2009, Montana and Idaho initiated wolf hunts. Wolf advocates predicted this would happen. Fish and game agencies should NOT be managing predators. There’s a conflict of interest because the very prey species hunters pay licensing fees to hunt are the same prey that wolves hunt. Who’s side do you think the state game agencies are going to come down on?  Certainly not the wolves. 

Wolves are just numbers to them. Shoot a couple hundred, what the heck. We don’t need science. We don’t need to worry about disrupting the pack structure of one of the most social animals on the planet.  Apparently Montana FWP believes they can take out half the wolf population and wolves will just make more wolves. What they forgot to mention is Wildlife Services killed 145 wolves in 2009 for agribusiness.

So lets do the math. There WERE  approx. 520 wolves in Montana at the end of 2009 but since WS has been slaughtering  entire packs in 2010, that number  has decreased. Assuming WS will kill as many if not more wolves this year then last, we”ll use the 145 number and add that to the 186 wolves they want to kill in the hunt. Subtract the number of wolves present at the end of 2009 and that leaves just 186 animals and it will be lower then that, probably closer to 150 wolves, left in the state at the end of 2009.  That means over 60% of wolves in Montana will lose their lives, under the double whammy of two hunts, the so-called legal hunt and the WS shadow hunt.

Why then is Montana FWP stating there will be over 400 wolves left after all this killing?  It’s simple, they’ll be counting the puppies born in 2010  to raise the wolf numbers. You see they count wolves at the end of every year. It’s all a numbers game.  The wolf pups born this Spring will be added to the decimated wolf population at the end of  year, which will increase the numbers. To raise the wolf populaton back up to 400 from 150 will take at least 250 pups that were born and survived this spring. Or wolves that may have dispersed from Idaho, Wyoming or Canada. 

If this is allowed to continue wolves will be “managed” down to bare minimum numbers, just enough to keep them from being relisted but not enough to be more then mere shadows on the landscape.

Why are they doing this?  Well at a Montana FWP meeting on wolves, a month or so ago, someone asked them that question.  Their answer: BECAUSE WE CAN!!  They went on further to state there’s a big interest in trophy hunting wolves in Montana and apparently the state wants to accomodate these hunters. Nice huh?

Killing and disrupting packs, shooting alphas, playing Russian roulette with wolves lives is going to dial down the age of wolves.  The wolf population will be younger with fewer more experienced wolves around to show them the ropes.  Young wolves are more likely to get into trouble. This policy of killing over 50%-60% of the wolf population is sick and disgusting. Where is the science? Where are the studies on the effect the 2009 wolf hunt had on the population? There shouldn’t be any wolf hunts in Montana in the first place. Wolves are not even close to being recovered.

Wake up people, Montana has declared war on wolves. I hope Judge Molloy’s decision puts a cramp in their plans. But wait,  Montana FWP has a plan for that too. If Judge Molloy relists wolves, Montana FWP stated they will try to find a way to let sport  hunters kill wolves for agribusiness, along  with federal agents. These people want to kill wolves, that’s it. It has nothing to do with elk or cows.  

I wish wolves were never reintroduced to the Northern Rockies. They don’t deserve a repeat of the persecution they suffered under the first Western extermination. They brought them back to kill them for sport!! 


FWP sets wolf quota at 186

Posted: Thursday, 08 July 2010 12:34PM
AP News


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