Thanks To All Wolf Warriors!!

Posted on Facebook Wolf Warriors page:

Thank you to all the Wolf Warriors who’ve joined this cause. We are excited to see the page grow so quickly and we know it’s because people want to help wolves.

The persecution and brutality wolves have suffered in the Northern Rockies, since their delisting last year, has been heartbreaking for all wolf advocates. But it’s not just wolves in the Northern Rockies who are suffering but wolves around the world.

This is not just a page but a call to action.

There has been very little visible public support for wolves, while in contrast the anti-wolf crowd holds rallies, gives speeches and rants to the media. This has to change if we are truly going to make a difference for wolves. We have to take a page out of their book and do the same..

Writing letters and emails to those in power has it’s benefits but wolves are caught in a brutal system that benefits two small interest groups, hunters and ranchers. Wolf advocates, like wolves, have no real power to change policy and that’s because we are not organized.

We’re just getting started. Our aim is to sponsor a “Wolf Convention” in the future, so wolf advocates can come together. We’d like to see chapters of Wolf Warriors in every state where wolves roam: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska. Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Carolinas.

A ten thousand mile journey begins with a single step.

Onward Wolf Warriors!

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