Puppies!! Four Imnaha Wolf Pack pups caught on remote camera!

Here are recent pics of four pups from the Imnaha wolf pack…aren’t they cute?  These little guys were caught on remote camera by ODFW, there could actually be more pups. Sadly their dad has not been spotted since May 31.

From the ODFW website:

Four pups for Imnaha wolf pack


July 14, 2010

The Imnaha wolf pack has at least four new pups this year, images captured on a motion-triggered trail camera show.    

An image taken July 3 (attached) marks the first visual observation of new pups this year. The pack may have more pups than these four.

Wolf pups are born in mid-April and litters average four to six pups. Pups generally become active outside their pack’s den in June.

Six adult wolves were also seen in the images captured by the trail camera, including the alpha female. Past evidence, including a video taken November 2009, indicate at least 10 wolves made up the Imnaha pack before the pups were born this year. The alpha male, whose GPS collar has not been detected since May 31, was not seen in the images.

For more images of the Imnaha pack taken by a trail camera set up by ODFW in an area of pack activity, visit the website below (see first six photos). Note the alpha female is not pictured in these images.


It’s nice to report a little good news after all the bad and what’s cuter then adorable wild wolf puppies? Congrats “Sophie” and the rest of the Imnahas. I hope the dad is found alive.

Photo: Courtesy ODFW

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  1. They are so cute!!! Great news Nabeki i hope they dad will be ok…


  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!


    • Aren’t they adorable Rita? So good to see them…I just wish I knew what happened to their father?



  3. Hi Nabeki,

    That is great news …thanks for sharing ..nothing better than pups! Dave


    • You’re welcome Dave…they lifted my spirits as well.





    • It’s nice to see something positive for a change Agnes. The pups are adorable and there could be more then four. I hope ODFW lifts the kill order on their two pack members. We all need to write to them, there is a letter on Wolf Warriors you can use to send to ODFW.

      Here’s the link:



  5. Good luck to the little ones, the life of a predator is hard. My heart goes out to the babysitter/s of the pack, such patience required.


    • Their babysitters are in danger because the kill order is still in effect, the judge just stopped it until July 31 and will decide whether to issue an injunction. We need to write to ODFW to tell them to lift that order. They should be investigating what happened to the alpha male not trying to kill more wolves. Here’s the link to the letter:




  6. I’m extremely happy there are puppies! And, awww! The little black one takes after its daddy. The rest are looking like their mom, though. It is really sad that the alpha male is still missing. It did say that Sophie wasn’t in the pictures either, so maybe he is just with her? I know it is a long shot, but we can still hope.


    • I wish he would somehow reappear Katie but I have a feeling a poacher killed him…he’s been gone for almost two months.



  7. When I look at these beautiful pups I’m reminded of the two I was fortunate enough to spend much time with; especially our male. They were captivity bread and between 6-8 weeks when we got them. I sure miss those two!!!


  8. Nabeki,From the site{NaturalOregon.org.]The Feds have called off the wolf hunts. From my understanding it is only temperary.I really didn’t think Oregon had that many wolves to speak of.



    • Hi Rita,
      Actually what’s happening is WS was gunning for two uncollared members of the Imnaha pack supposedly for a few calf depredations way back in May and the beginning of June. They had no proof that any wolves from the pack were involved but they indiscriminately were just going to kill two uncollared gray wolves. Several environmental groups filed a lawsuit against WS for not doing an environmental impact statement about what effect killing two wolves out of a population of just 14 wolves would have on Oregon’s tiny wolf population. An injunction was granted to stop the killings until July 31 and now it’s been extended untl the middle of August. Here’s the press release.

      For Immediate Release, July 1, 2010

      Josh Laughlin, Cascadia Wildlands
      Noah Greenwald, Center for Biological Diversity
      Greg Dyson, Hells Canyon Preservation Council
      Rob Klavins, Oregon Wild

      Lawsuit Filed to Stop Federal, State-sanctioned Killing of Endangered Wolves

      PORTLAND, Ore.— Four conservation groups sued the U.S. Department of
      Agriculture’s predator control branch, Wildlife Services, today for its role in killing wolves
      at the behest of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW). The state has
      issued, and now extended to Aug. 31, a permit to the federal agency to hunt, track and
      kill two wolves across a 70-square-mile area in eastern Oregon. According to the
      conservation groups’ lawsuit, Wildlife Services never conducted the environmental
      analysis required to disclose the impacts of killing a substantial portion of Oregon’s
      wolves. Cascadia Wildlands, Hells Canyon Preservation Council, Oregon Wild and the
      national Center for Biological Diversity brought the suit, and are also strongly
      considering suing the state for its role in authorizing the kill permits.

      “Oregon is big enough for people and wolves,” commented Greg Dyson with the La
      Grande-based group Hells Canyon Preservation Council. “ODFW is acting too hastily in
      giving Wildlife Services authority to shoot these wolves before exhausting other
      management options. We were left with no choice but to protect wolves in court.”

      The kill order stems from recent livestock depredations by wolves in Wallowa County.
      In May and early June, six cattle deaths were confirmed as wolf depredations. For
      comparison, in 2005 — the year the wolf plan was created — domestic dogs killed 700
      sheep and cows in Oregon, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service. No
      new wolf depredations on livestock have occurred since June 4.

      “Sixty years ago, we completed a sad chapter in our history by killing the last wolf in
      Oregon,” added Josh Laughlin of Cascadia Wildlands. “Today, we’re fighting in court to
      ensure that we do not repeat that history.”

      According to the groups, Oregon’s wildlife agency is violating the wolf-management plan
      by issuing the kill permits when damage is not presently occurring, the wolves are not
      on the land where damage is occurring, and multiple carcass dump piles were left on
      ranch lands resulting in “unreasonable circumstances” that attract wolves to the area.
      Had Wildlife Services conducted the proper environmental analysis, the agency would
      have realized that wolves pose no current depredation threat and hunting them is
      inappropriate. The state’s wildlife department has also failed to document how efforts
      by ranchers to avoid depredations through nonlethal means were “deemed ineffective”
      or to document unsuccessful attempts to solve the situation through nonlethal means —
      both of which are requirements of the plan.

      For the Oregon wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Nabeki,Thank you for the info.For the wild ones.Rita


      • You’re welcome Rita, those pups are so cute. It’s unbelievable to me Montana and Idaho kill puppies just like those along with the rest of the pack.



  9. […] Puppies!! Four Imnaha Wolf Pack pups caught on remote camera! (howlingforjustice.wordpress.com) […]


  10. 2 were just ordered killed- thousands of acres they roam on and roughly 20 is too many??? Nice job Oregon DNR(NOT)!!! FASCIST!!! How do these people sleep at night? Getting paid to murder innocent animals as a Job paid by state/federal taxes???? NOT WHERE I WANT MY TAXES GOING!!!!


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