America’s Wild Horses Under Attack! Take Action!!

This is a wolf blog but sometimes there are injustices perpetrated against other animals I feel compelled to speak out about, the plight of America’s wild horses is such an example. I’m so concerned about what’s  happening to them I felt I had to post these videos and information so you could take action to help them. 

The feds are persecuting our wild horses and getting away with it.

There are only about 25,000 wild horses left in America, the rest are in horse jail or as the  BLM  likes to call their new homes, holding pens. The horses are rounded up with helicopters, frightened, running for their lives, pregnant mares have aborted their foals, stallions are separated from their mares.

In a particularly brutal round-up in Nevada twenty two horses died.

Please watch the videos and read the articles about what is happening to our mustangs. They are being run off their land that was given to them by Congress. The bogus excuse the BLM gives for rounding up these horses is they are starving. That is not true, the horses are doing fine. The government  just wants to get rid of them to make room for more cows. Or now it’s alleged they are running them off their land because of oil and gas leases. Will Big Oil and cattle ranching destroy our last remaining wild horses? Please don’t let this happen. 

The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 is supposed to protect these horses but the ranchers and oil companies have so much power, it’s being ignored.

Shame. Ken Salazar needs to go!!


Disappointment Valley


Saving America’s Mustangs – CNN News Report – Deadly Round-up’s


BP Killing Off Horses On Public Land To Get Oil Leases


Tell President Obama to Suspend ALL Summer Round-Ups Immediately!  TAKE ACTION!!


Please visit the following websites to learn more about what is happening to our national treasure, the wild horses and how you can help.



• The Cloud Foundation


• Save America’s Mustangs

Photo: Courtesy Alexander Higgins blog

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