The Magnificent Wolf

I never tire of watching this video, just excellent. It captures the wild spirit of wolves. I love the music and chanting.

Long live the glorious wolf. May you always be free!!

Photos: kewl

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Tags: The beauty of canis lupus, freedom, biodiversity, wolf song, apex predator

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  1. Thank you for this information. Beautiful creatures!


  2. Dear Nabeki this video it is my favorite one. Every each time brings tears to my eyes. I Hope and i wish the Wolfs be always free and safe. LONG LIVE TO THE WOLFS.
    For my Brothers and Sisters. Howl at loud Wolf Warriors howl let our voice bring fear to all Wolf heaters and hunters…


    • I love that video alsoVasileios, especially the mother wolf digging her den.



  3. The wolf sees its pelt as no different than any other, it is normal, as normal as a human’s hair. Through scent, sound and action they define each other’s place in the group. They do as they must and see no point in concentrating about the beauty we humans see in it. In the wolf, we admirers see the unrestrained majesty of nature and a raw power in their actions that go beyond our species’ parameters. The howl of a wolf has changed so much over the years, for people who truly know wolves, it is not a thing to fear but something to be enthralled by even though the cry in the night (or day) is little more than a gossip chain, to tell others where they are, how they are and what they are doing there.

    One important thing to remember: they are wild animals, treat them with respect as well as caution. Those teeth -hurt- and the pressure of their jaw is not to be sampled, it is approximately 3x that of a German Shepherd.


    • John…..I think wolves have 1500 lbs psi. They probably need that much power to crush bone.



  4. In my mind, the wolf would never go extinct, but apparently some dont think so. Oh well, as long as we have some good people who wish to help wolves, we will all ways have wolves


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