Action Alert: Montana FWP Plans To Meet With Ranching and Hunting Lobbies To Build Coalition!

We did win a major victory when wolves were relisted on August 5th but you would never know it with the continual whining by the states, ranchers, hunters, The newest and most egregious assault on wolves is Montana FWP’s intention to hold a meeting, tomorrow, Friday, August 20th, at the Red Lion Colonial Hotel in Helena. The purpose?

“Montana officials are planning to meet with ranchers, hunters and other groups about joining forces after a federal judge restored Endangered Species Act protections for wolves.

“Wildlife officials in Montana and Idaho oppose the ruling earlier this month by U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy that blocked the states’ wolf management plans and their fall hunts.

Ranchers and hunters have also blasted the ruling, saying wolves have grown too numerous and are attacking livestock and game.

Ron Aasheim of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks says state wildlife officials will meet Friday in Helena with stockgrowers, woolgrowers, hunters, farmers and other groups to discuss forming a coalition.

Aasheim says participants will discuss the state’s options and a possible appeal. They meet 10 a.m. at the Red Lion Colonial Hotel in Helena.”

Is this even legal? How can the state of Montana seek to form a coalition with anti-wolf lobbies? This has to be a conflict of interest. Does the state not represent the entire population? What about wolf advocates who don’t hunt or have ranches or farms but want wolves protected? Do we count at all?

Does everyone see what wolves are up against? How the USFWS could push to delist gray wolves in the Northern Rockies, when they are fully aware of the toxic climate that exists in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming against wolves, is egregious beyond measure.

Is anyone responsible for “managing”wolves looking out for them?

Will wolf advocates be at the meeting tomorrow with their video cameras, to document what is being said?  Will there be minutes to this meeting? And who are the other groups Ron Aasheim of Montana FWP is talking about? I don’t see one environmental group mentioned? How desperate do you have to be to pull a stunt like this, barely two weeks after wolves protections were restored?  Should Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks be renamed, Montana For Hunting, Ranching and Woolgrowers?

Think about this for a minute. This is the state of Montana, holding a meeting,with practically no notice ( I could not find an announcement about this meeting anywhere before today, if there is such a link,  please post it on this blog), to build a coalition with groups who are clearly anti-wolf.  Oh and we can’t forget the unnamed “‘other groups”. Who are they, the Safari Club and Cattlemen’s Assoc.?

Wolf advocates, if you can make this meeting under such short notice, I urge you to do so. Wolves can’t speak for themselves, they need our help. The persecution of these magnificent animals knows no bounds. Please take this seriously. In my opinion the state is trying to find a way to circumvent the ESA and hold wolf hunts. I believe there are powerful hunting forces behind this push to dismantle the ESA and strip wolves of their protections. If it wasn’t for the endangered species act, wolves would never have made a comeback at all.

Here’s a video of one of the last wild Mexican gray wolves, captured in Northern Mexico in the 1970’s. Is this what’s  in store for wolves in the Northern Rockies? Just a few wolves left standing?


Aug 19, 2010 12:28 pm US/Mountain

Mont. Seeks Wolf Coalition With Ranchers, Hunters

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