Update: Montana FWP Holds “Love In” With Anti-Wolf “Stakeholders”….

Montana FWP  held  a “LOVE IN”  with anti-wolf groups in Helena yesterday for the purpose of forming a “coalition”. 

“I think it’s important to have a coalition so that especially our congressional delegation understands it’s Montana-wide, this concern,” said FWP director Joe Maurier.”

Really, it’s Montana wide? You get woolgrowers, stockgrowers, hunters, ranchers et al. in the same room and that’s a fair representation of Montanans? Was there one environmental group at that “roundtable”? Bueller? Bueller? Stop kidding yourself Mr. Maurier.

Does anyone find this outrageous behavior? The state getting together with “special anti-wolf stakeholders”, that are oh so frustrated the wolf hunts have been stopped?  

They can’t accept the fact they won’t be able to have a wolf slaughter, I mean hunt, this September, so it’s sour grapes all the way around. Now they want to change the Endangered Species Act and strip gray wolves of their protections.

Oh irony, irony. The very reason wolves were placed on the Endangered Species list in the first place was to protect them from this kind of persecution. This “coalition” drives the point home like a laser.  And they are pulling out all the stops. Tester and Baucus, the two Montana senators, are writing to Ken Salazar for help.

The situation deteriorates daily. They just can’t come to terms with Judge Molloy’s decision to restore gray wolves protections. Just a unbelievable display of tantrums.

I’ll be writing more about this “kiss up to the wolf haters roundtable”, later this weekend, when I can think objectively. I’m afraid if I try to expound on this further I’ll break my own rules of decorum, in other words, I’m pissed off and I hope you are too.


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Published: Friday, August 20th, 2010




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