Oregon’s Imnaha Pack Alpha Male Found!! And the Wenaha Pack Has Pups!!

Imnaha Pack Alpha Male (caught on a trail camera)  HOWLS!!

Finally good wolf news!  Oregon’s Imnaha pack alpha male, who’s been missing since May 31, has been spotted on a trail camera, still wearing his collar. The collar must be malfunctioning. 

AND Oregon’s Wenaha wolf pack has two confirmed pups and there may be more. The two pups were trapped (that must have been stressful for them), checked over, weighed and sent on their way. ODFW states they will be releasing  pics of the babies soon. Can’t wait!!


Two New Wolf Pups In Eastern Oregon

August 23, 2010By Dennis Newman

The Wenaha wolf pack in Northeast Oregon has produced at least two pups this season. ODFW confirmed the news this afternoon. They appear to the first pups born to the Wenaha pack.

And there’s some good news to report on Oregon’s other wolf pack. After being missing for almost three months, the alpha male of the Imnaha pack has been located.

As for the alpha male of the Imnaha pack, he’s finally been recorded on a trail camera. The image is the first we’ve seen or heard of him since May 31st. ODFW says the photo shows him wearing his tracking collar. So it’s a safe bet that the collar is broken and wasn’t able to transmit information about his location. ODFW also plans to release that photo later today.

Read the rest of the story, CLICK HERE

Wenaha Pack yearling wolf….so beautiful!

Photos: Courtesy ODFW

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  1. Dear Nabeki.
    Omg this is great news well i was believe always in that i believe he will be alive and now i am so happy about it. Long live to the Wolfs long live to by brothers and Sisters.
    Thank you Nabeki thanks for this wonderful news..


    • Hi Vasileios, I am so glad he’s alive. I guess his collar was malfunctioning. I really had almost given up hope.



  2. What a relief.




    • Hi Agnes,
      It is terrific news, hope you love the pics of the pups. They are so adorable and look like just like any other pups their age, beautiful.



  4. How awesome to have some good news for a change!! This is indeed a welcome change from reading about Montana and their obsession with removing every wolf from their state “just because they don’t want them”. Can’t wait to see the pictures of the pups later today.

    Nabeki, I haven’t had much time in the past week due to a very heavy work schedule, but have been thinking about what was discussed last week about banning together with more wolf advocates and see if we cannot get someone to go to Washington for us. I had just a very quick look at the Predator Defense site which you have a link to. It is very obvious with just a quick review of their website, as the put the Wildlife Service is nothing but a killing field. How can we get sites like this to join together with us? There are so many, many wolf advocates as you have pointed out. We just are not very organized IMHO.


    • Nabeki, it seems that Western Watersheds Project would be a valuable asset in trying to get representation in Washington. Jon Marvel, their CEO, is certainly no fan of ranchers. They have offices in the western states and lawyers on their payroll.


      • SCWG…..WWP is a terrific group, fighting the good fight.



    • Hi SoCalWolfGal,
      Hope you like the pup pics. So cute and a relief to see them.

      As for forming coalitions with other wolf groups or other environmental groups, it’s a good idea but it’s harder then you think because every one is kind of doing their own thing. The challenge will be to mobilize people froom these groups to come together for wolves. It seems the anti-wolf crowd can pull off wolf hating demonstrations but how many pro-wolf rallies have there been? Maybe one or two at the most. We have to do better then that and we all need each other to make it happen.



      • You know Nabeki, I was afraid you were going to say that – everybody wants to do their own thing. And that is fine in and of itself, but it’s not really protecting and saving our wolves, which is what we all want in the end of the day. So is it okay with you if I contact Jon Marvel and mention Howling for Justice and Wolf Warriors and the fact that we are trying to find someone who will go to Washington, as Madeline did?

        Also, is the Doug Smith you referred to a few days ago the Doug Smith with the Yellowstone Wolf Project? If so, I think you had mentioned that you were disappointed in his position at some point.

        I was looking at the WolfWatcher site/blog and was rather impressed with Dave Hornoff. Do you think maybe if we contacted maybe Dave and Mike Wagner of Heart of the Wolf they may come on board and help us?


      • Hi SCWG…I’m sending you an email to discuss this.




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