More Pics of Wenaha Wolf Pups!

Here are three more pics from ODFW of the pups. I don’t agree with all the handling? Not sure why they have to capture the pups, it’s so invasive and I’m sure the parents were fairly upset. But we can’t pass up pics of the pups, they are adorable. Don’t like the ear tag though, it reminds me of tagging calves.

Wenaha Wolf Pup Being Weighed

Wehaha Wolf Pup Being Released 


Photos: Courtesy ODFW

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Here are the pics of Oregon’s Wenaha Pack pups. Thanks Erin for providing the links!

Not sure if the two pics are of the same pup or both pups. But no matter, the pics are adorable. Those little girls look wonderful. Can you imagine anyone hurting these babies?

Remember USFWS in Wyoming recently had 10 wolf pups killed, along with their parents. Those  pups were younger then this.

Photos: Courtesy of OFGProducerEd

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