ACTION ALERT: New Assault On The ESA! Wolfgate?

UPDATE: Nothing so far reported in the media about this, other than what I’ve written. It’s as if it didn’t happen. Curiouser and Curiouser!


Fasten your seat belts Wolf Warriors, the battle to strip gray wolves of their ESA protections, just got uglier.

Marc C., a founding member of Wolf Warriors, went to Rehberg’s wolf meeting in Hamilton yesterday. Marc told me a lobbyist for the cattle industry, stated there was a recent attack on the ESA in Congress, that almost passed! He said Senator Tester stopped it. I told him that couldn’t be true because there wasn’t any news coverage about it. How could an attack on the ESA, just a few weeks ago, go unnoticed? Well guess what, Marc was right! And the story is true, if my research is correct.

According to the “not friendly to wolves” Black Bear Blog, there was a plan by some members of Congress to tack the anti-wolf bill, HR 6028, onto a Continuing Resolution (CR), therefore by-passing a vote on it. Apparently Senators Baucus and Tester stopped it or we would have awoken to find wolves had been stripped of their ESA protections.

Here’s the link to the sordid tale.

Sens. Baucus And Tester Accused Of Derailing Wolf Bill

September 30, 2010

*Note: Even though Senators Tester and Baucus stopped the recent sneak attack on the ESA, which we are grateful for, they have now introduced their own legislation in the Senate, which would “remove Rocky Mountain gray wolves from the federal threatened or endangered species lists in Montana and Idaho


I have not spoken to Don Peay, SFW to confirm the accuracy of his email, on the Black Bear Blog but it looks legit. If it’s true this could turn out to be Wolf Watergate. 

I will keep you posted as new facts come to light. The battle to protect wolves is getting nastier by the minute.

Hang onto your seats Wolf Warriors, this is going to be a bumpy ride!!


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