The Hobbit Gets Green Light….FINALLY!!

Just a tiny break from our beloved wolves, because I’m so excited The Hobbit is finally set to go and Peter Jackson will direct!!

I’m a huge Tolkien fan and have waited for years for this news. I love LOTR but The Hobbit is my favorite!! Anyone that hasn’t read it, will be amazed. It’s the least known and the prequel to LOTR.  Here comes Smaug…lol.


The Hobbit Gets Green-lit, Peter Jackson Confirmed to Direct

Oct 15, 2010 – By Krystal Clark

The Hobbit is a vacuum of delays, with one of the major ones being cause by MGM’s inability to green light the film so it can go into production. It seems like everything’s been ready to go for months but their financial troubles have kept them from putting their stamp of approval on the Lord of the Rings prequel. According to several reports, they’ve finally conceded and given the go ahead that we’ve all been waiting for.

According to The Wrap, Peter Jackson’s deal with the studio was finalized this week and he is officially on board to direct. Sources close to the project also confirm that it was in this agreement that they finally gave him the green light status he’s been waiting for. So far Ian McKellen has signed on to return to the series, while Martin Freeman has been rumored to the play the role of the title character.

The Hobbit (Part I) is scheduled to hit theaters on December 19, 2012, and $30 million has already been spent on it. Overall, the production is said to cost around $400 million for both films, which will be shot back to back Lord of the Rings style. Now that the red tape has been cut, do you think they’ll dive right into production? We hope so because they have a lot of catching up to do if they’re going to make the release date.


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  1. If they don’t make the release date, that’s ok too.
    The Hobbit has big shoes to fill thanks to the grand movies of recent years. Have to say the personal favourites of this year were:

    #1 Tomorrow when the War Began (hopefully the US will get a release for it – the movie is awesome)
    #2 Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Gahool
    #3 Despicable Me

    The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter films are in a league of their own. They are masterpieces. Avatar was, at best, a ‘roller-coaster’ of a movie where eye candy took priority over plot. Michael Bay is reputed to do the same thing with his films, but less effectively. Still, if The Hobbit can contend with these titans and come out on top, then it will prove that movies have truly began to make that slow crawl back from the dark pit which they sank into after Meet The Spartans was released.

    Anyone else getting fed up with everything being in 3D now? I mean its great, but you know the old saying about too much of a good thing…


    • John, I’m pretty sick of the 3-d mania, literally. I got so ill watching Avatar, I almost had to leave. Turns out it’s not a good idea to wear 3-D glasses over real glasses. Anyway, as usual Hollyweird is going overboard.

      The funny thing about The Hobbit. I didn’t want to read it. It looked boring. I liked Lord of the Rings so much, I couldn’t imagine The Hobbit would be anything that great. Turns out it’s the best of the entire series. It has everything Lord of the Rings has and more. I cannot wait for it’s release.

      Have you read the book? If not you will love it, I can guarantee it.



      • Of course it has more! The Hobbit has a dragon and as we all know dragons are cool in general 😀

        Can’t say I’ve read The Hobbit aside from an abridged version and I have a vague memory of the 1970’s cartoon screenplay which was…very crude and mildly disturbing.


      • Don’t we all love dragons



  2. So good to hear! I’m glad they’re making two films too; that way we get twice the awesomeness and they won’t have to cut major chunks of material out, the way they did in LOTR.

    I’m really glad Peter Jackson is still directing it too, because he obviously cares about what he does. I’d hate to see the Hobbit made a mess of the way Eragon was. (For those who haven’t seen Eragon, the dragon was very nicely animated, but that seems to be what they spent most of their money on. Too much material was cut, scenes felt rushed, and the Urgals were just depicted as brutish men, instead of having horns the way they were supposed to.)


    • CS…I love, love The Hobbit. I actually liked the book better then LOTR and that’s saying something. It has everything you need in a fantasy, a great adversary (Smaug), heroes, magic, the works. Tolkien outdid himself when he wrote it.



      • Like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit is going to be filmed in New Zealand. According to some accounts NZ is a lovely place with great scenic views, home to many cheery folks and a memorable dancing footy team in all black uniforms (don’t laugh: it is a traditional Maori dance, used to intimidate the enemy, called the ‘Haka’), as well as the delightful side-note that there are more sheep than people living there (the score is approximately 11:1). We Aussies tend to make fun of this with crude humour not benefiting a PG rating.

        Speaking of PG ratings… here’s hoping the movie doesn’t wuss out on the ‘details’ just to stop the whining of a few dim witted parents too lazy to think ahead before taking their children to see a film that is obviously for an older audience.


      • I’m re-reading the Hobbit right now. I just love the book and can only imagine what a terrific job Peter Jackson will do. LOTR was filmed in New Zealand too I believe. I always wanted to visit there. You should go John, you’re so close.



  3. Dear Nabeki searching the net for movies or info or even documentaries about Wolfs i discovered this i am pretty sure you gonna love it… Here is the trailer…


    • Thank you Vasileios….it’s really adorable. I haven’t seen it yet because it left the movies but I’ll be sure to pick it up on video.



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