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  1. Permission to be the Grinch of Halloween?

    We’re very open to the traditions and ways of people here in Australia, but throughout the years we’ve begun to adopt and cash in on other cultures’ ideas. We have no reason to celebrate Halloween. Back in my younger years, there was no trick or treating, no dressing up in costume, no decorations – in fact the only thing that could have noted the arrival of Samhain was a few television specials that were as painful to watch as their Christmas counterparts.

    Why? Why do we celebrate it and why the commercialised version of all things? I’d love to see a big town-wide gathering, a large bonfire lit (in controlled conditions, of course), people dancing like mad around it to awesome music and partying until dawn (then again, some teenagers these days do that, or worse, already without cultural significance). That’d be a real blast! But no. We’re stuck with ‘trick-or-treat’ notifications from minors every five to ten minutes, with kids dressed up as modern media things like Indiana Jones or the Hulk. Many a pagan must be spinning in their graves!


    • LOL John, great critique on Halloween!! I like your version of the celebration, especially the partying until dawn. (-:



  2. I’ll celebrate, but you have to promise a month long hit of Indian Summer, followed by two short months of a mild Winter, then Spring! Thank you.


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