Take a Deep Breath And Soar With Sacred Spirit…..

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Sacred Spirit~Ly-O-Lay-Ale-Loya


Sacred Spirit~O-Loa-Ki-Lee

Sioux Prayer

Grandfather Great Spirit All Over The World

The Faces Of Living Things Are Alike.

With Tenderness, They Have Come Up Out Of The Ground.

Look Upon Your Children That They May Face The Winds

And Walk The Good Road To The Day Of Quiet.

Grandfather Great Spirit

Fill Us With The Light.

Give Us The Strength To Understand And The Eyes To See.

Teach Us To Walk The Soft Earth As Relatives

To All That Live.

Sacred Spirit~Looking For North

If only we could live in harmony with the wolf, as Native Americans did, wolves would not be facing the persecution and bigotry they suffer today.


Photos: Wikimedia Commons, Fantop wallpaper

Background Photo: Wolf Conservation Center Ambassador Wolf, The Beautiful Atka

Sioux Prayer: Native American Prayers and Blessings

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Wolf Warriors, Nabeki. Nabeki said: More Sacred Spirit…..: http://wp.me/pDTDG-2o6 […]


  2. Dear Nabeki its really so awesome thanks again they are such beautiful videos and photos…
    And cant agree more with you the Native American respect the nature and every living creature they really love the Wolfs…
    We can live in harmony with all wildlife why the other people cant see that (haters hunters poachers)… Its so same…


    • Thank you Vasileios, I follow my heart and it lead me to Sacred Spirit. I know Native Americans have a tremendous connection with nature, in many of their cultures the wolf and all wildlife are held sacred. Why are we so blind?



  3. This is a wonderful piece of work. Thanks, Nabeki


    • Thank you Jerry….
      The pictures of the Native American horse culture. now lost, are particularly moving for me. The beautiful music and chanting brings it all home. They are one with nature and the wolf was their brother.



  4. Dearest Nabeki,

    Thank you so much for introducing Sacred Spirit. It brings such peace to my heart and soul, which is something we all need in these times when so much seems to be going wrong in our world. The photos are truly heartbreaking, though incredibly beautiful. To think that we destroyed the Native American life. And for what. Greed. Pure and simple greed.

    I remember seeing Kevin Costner’s Dances with Wolves when I was living in Scotland years ago. I cried for six hours after seeing the film. That is the only time I have been able to watch it all the way through. When they killed Two Socks and when the young Indian girl handed Costner his diary I thought my heart would absolutely break.

    I do feel however some hope as more and more people are becoming aware through blogs and Facebook the plight of the Wolf, and indeed of all our wildlife. If I did not have that hope to hang on to, I simply do not know how I would stand it all.


    • Thank you SCWG for expressing it all so beautifully. What has our culture done to the Native Americans? When you see them sitting so proud on their horses, with feathered head-dresses, one with nature, it breaks your heart.

      I think music and chanting is a way for people to reconnect with their true selves. Maybe, just maybe it will reach someone like Seton, who was a wolf killer but had an epiphany and never killed another wolf again. One can only hope.



      • Nabeki I am not familiar with Seton’s story. Is that something that was posted here before and I missed it? That does indeed give me hope that someone who has killed wolves can have a change of heart.


      • Sorry it’s taken me to long to respond, I missed a few messages.

        Seton was a bounty hunter and trapper who killed Blanca and Lobo, some of the last gray wolves left in the Southwest. He then went on to be a founding member of the Boy Scouts. He never killed another wolf again after Lobo died. You can watch the entire movie on Nature.

        The Wolf That Changed America


  5. DEAREST NABEKI!Thousands thank you for your fabulous, spendid work! Just what we need it,Wolves Warriors!When i was little girl,I read “WINNETOU” by KARL MAY. WINNETOU was from the apach’s tribe.OLD SHATTERHAND was white and friend of WINNETOU. When WINNETOU death i cryed. I always liked indian peoples and i respected so much.When i was in USA,n Nevada,I saw one indian reservation.I asked to visit,but it was FORBIDDEN! HOWLS!


    • You are so welcome Agnes and thank you for sharing your experiences. Hmmmm wonder why it was forbidden to visit the res? Maybe that was tribal policy, they have a very insular society.

      One of the best books I’ve ever read is called. “Black Elk Speaks”…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Elk_Speaks

      If you can find it in French you should read it, it’s one of my fav books of all time.



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